Stronghold Changes Go Live Prematurely, Surprise Double RP

It looks like festivities have started a bit early in Cryptic HQ. Players have long noticed, and devs confirmed, that the new Stronghold structures we reported earlier this month accidentally made it into the last live build.

Most of them were not working properly, but players reported they could indeed use the Trade Bar merchant and tend some of the Jubilee Traders. Today’s patch will remove the Jubilee plot again (the anniversary event is set to run in June), but the others are here to stay and will get fixed instead.

Accompanied with the announced changes to the profession nodes, the devs are also throwing a surprise double refining points weekend at players. It’s a common practice by the devs as compensation for major nerfs and changes related to refining, but it will also, intentionally or not, quickly drain all remaining botted RP out of the system. So the full effect of the change to the economy can probably be seen as early as next week.

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