Stronghold Marauders Guild Event Guide

In today’s post we are quickly going through the Stronghold Marauders guild event that was introduced with the “Shroud of Souls” update. The event alternates with the Dragonflight at the bottom of each hour. The lore is pretty easy here. The guild awaits caravans from their allies and you need to defend the delivered treasure from endless waves of enemies.

The Basics

If the event is up, initiate it at the Seneschal on the eastern bridge leading to your Stronghold. The caravans drop treasures at three different locations at the north, east and south bridges. Waves of enemies then approach through portals and players need to defeat them. Marauders is split into sessions of five waves after which all players can vote to continue the event or stop and take the rewards. Mod level starts at 70 and increases with every five waves and more treasure is added between sessions. The map below should give you a rough indication of the setup.

The Fight

The fight of the Marauders event is straight forward. Enemies spawn through the portals and need to be killed. Some mobs fight, others however run straight to the pile of goods and try to steal treasure. So a true controller can help to stop and fight enemies right at the portals, at later stages great CC is even mandatory. But even if some foes get through and steal stuff, killing them drops the loot that can then be added to the pile again.

With increasing waves not only the mobs get stronger, but also steal faster. In later waves it gets incredibly hard to prevent them reaching the pile. Eventually mobs will reach level 76 and although the event as set up is “endless”, waves will get too strong to progress further. We’re not sure what’s currently possible, but even the best guilds will probably have to stop after wave 40.

During some waves a catapult spawns in one of the three locations and starts to siege the Stronghold. This will decrease the overall treasure because stuff is taken from it to repair the damage. Once killed however, the catapult drop a considerable amount of extra treasure that can be added to the pile.

The Rewards

Many players feel the rewards are a little bit low for the time invested. The amount of treasure shown during the event is directly transferred into the same number of white vouchers and equally distributed across all participants. Although these vouchers cover areas guilds need the most (Gems, Campaigns etc.), most will need to crawl through waves for at least an hour to get to any significant treasure numbers. In the end that’s a lot of commitment for the rewards. There’s a good chance you might get more progression if doing another task for the same time.

That’s why most guilds only run the first five waves of the event, because the first completion every week grants 600 Influence, which indeed is a nice extra. You can even start the event in one Stronghold and if you finish it quickly enough, you will have time to start it in another Stronghold for a second set of alts.

So Stronghold Marauders currently is merely used as weekly to get some extra Influence. It’s a bit of a shame, but unless the devs tweak the rewards, this isn’t likely going to change.

That’s our quick walk-through of the Stronghold Marauders event! Do you like and and if so, how many waves have you beat so far? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Stronghold Marauders Guild Event Guide

  • May 25, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Once every five waves a catapult spawns Not true – it’s on rounds 2 and 4 of every set of 5. So, round 2, round 4, round 7 (second round of second set of five), round 9, round 12, round 14, round 17, round 19 etc. Twice per five waves, on the twos and fours.

    As well, they’re not just “white vouchers” – they’re a new kind of voucher, significantly worse than the existing white vouchers. Each one gives just 5 of the Stronghold resource and 1 Guild Mark.

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