Strumslinger Q&A Stream Summary

Roughly two weeks ago some streamers teamed up with Community Manager “Strumslinger” for a Q&A on Twitch. If you, like us, kinda missed it, or don’t want to watch the full vod (starts at 1:11:00), our summary is exactly what you need! Thanks to AlsRandomkill, FNHUSA57 and KodeReader for organizing and participating in the Q&A and Andy for taking the time to stop by!

Before we start: A lot of questions were answered by “can’t comment”, “can’t tell”, “have to check with our team on that” or “ask Robert next Thursday”. Part of the issue was that the streamers apparently had a wrong idea about what type of questions Strum could answer. They were like super specific sometimes in terms of gameplay mechanics, systems and bugs, which is not actually a CM’s area of expertise. At one point during the stream he even mentioned that he’s not in the regular development meetings. So how in the world is he supposed to answers this? Nobody really complained, but obviously it doesn’t look good if you can’t answer the majority of the questions. It was however more an issue of unrealistic expectations rather than him not knowing what’s going on in the game. Anyway, here’s the stuff he did actually comment on:

Strumslinger on…

… the possibility of a new class

New classes are always on the table, but they need to find resources. It’s difficult. Most people want a Druid or a Monk, so *IF* something new comes around, it sounds like it might be one of these.

… double AD events on PC

On PC there are scares what it would do to the economy. Unlikely to happen.

… new maps on PVP

Can’t confirm or deny, but Robert Gutschera pretty much said it’s not a priority right now. Sounds like something they will definitely do when the time is right.

… solo PVP queue becoming a permanent thing and do they monitor the matchmaking?

Yes and yes.

… the TR

They know the class needs some work. It shouldn’t be too long before changes arrive, but they can’t provide a week to week road map. Too many stuff changes on a daily basis.

… Mythic Mounts

Strumslinger doesn’t know, but stated it would certainly be an interesting possibility.

… Giveaways for streamers

It’s impossible to create codes that redeem the same item on all platforms. But they are currently slowly building a network where they hand out more and more codes to streamers.

… TwitchCon

Strumslinger planned on going, but it’s on his birthday. So he might not make it in the end. There will not be an official PWE presence.

… making Ostorian Rings bind to account

This one was weird. He said they had no plans of making Ostorian Rings bind to account when the latest patch on PC actually did just that. He also advised the community to constantly bug them about these kinds of issues. The more people complain, the higher it gets on their priority list.

… on new PVE content for guilds

Not in the immediate future.

… on unbinding scrolls

They’d love to, but it’s complicated because a lot would have to be changed, which would take away resources from designing new content.

… bringing back old dungeons as 5-man

Looks like it’s not happening. Andy said it competes with designing new ones.

… including more stuff in loadouts

Everything related to loadouts requires a lot of programming support. They have discussed a few things and would love to include more, but resources.

… Foundry on consoles

Not possible because of Microsoft and Sony restrictions.

… disabling Armor Enchantment visual

A LOT of programming work. Not likely to happen soon, but they definitely want to do it.

… more PVE challenge an raids

Again: It’s something they’d love to do, but a full raid for example is tons of work and it doesn’t sound like this game will ever have one. Same with tiered dungeons or a Mythic+ kind of system.

… upgrading old gear and campaigns

They want us to play new content, making old content more viable works against that. It’s also not as easy in terms of balancing as it might sound.

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  • August 25, 2017 at 9:35 am

    I think it’s funny how the majority of answers are always we can’t do this and we can’t do that because of not enough resources… lol, might as well stop it into the ground and call it a day. Soon there will be Tera and black desert and they are free to play and I know from Tera that it has already everything the never winter community asks for for so many years, so the game will most likely be at the end of its life cycle. Might start over and do a neverwinter 2 in order to compete.

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