Chaotic Friday Featured Emergency Maintenances, DDoS & Alpha Problems

Yesterday some folks over at Cryptic and PWE might have had quite a busy end of their week as multiple issues simultaneously emerged on a very chaotic Friday.

The second Alpha playtest was scheduled to take place on 2 PM PST with a bunch of newly invited players, but the character copy was not working properly. The devs offered instant boosts so players could participate with newly created characters on the Owlbear server anyway, but the test surely was a bit spoiled for some by not being able to use their ‘live’ ones.

The day continued with two emergency maintenances on Xbox an PC. The Xbox one solved an interact issue that caused players to get stuck on maps, the PC one an undisclosed issue on the backend.

[su_quote cite=”strumslinger” url=”″]Update: Servers will be going down at 5:45PM PST in order to stabilize servers and hopefully fix this issue. Estimated downtime is roughly 15 minutes.

Just like the message says above all the Xbox forums, we’re aware of the issues with interacting and are working to resolve them. In the meantime, please submit a ticket to our support at[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”strumslinger” url=”″]Neverwinter will have an emergency maintenance tonight 1/29 at 11PM PT for roughly 2 hours to fix an issue in the backend.[/su_quote]

You can only speculate about the issue, but terramak hinted at a fixed exploit in the latest preview patch notes, which also features a fix to Gauntlgrym double- and triple-kills and the introduction of double enchantment slots for +4 Underdark Rings.

[su_quote cite=”terramak” url=”″]Addressed an exploit, to be posted when the build reaches the live shard.[/su_quote]

It could be entirely unrelated, but it’s noteworthy anyway that after ban announcements the company seems to have shifted to take a more public stance on exploits as well. Speaking of bans, there was a new wave yesterday on Xbox that targeted bots or players that have bought from third-party websites. The original thread from October got updated.

If that’s not enough, @NeverWinterGod was back at it and briefly took down the servers yet again.

Safe to say that was not an average Friday in Neverwinterverse and hopefully players will be able to gather those Gift of the Gods more untroubled on the weekend. What’s your take and reaction on the events? Post it in the comments below or visit our forum!


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2 thoughts on “Chaotic Friday Featured Emergency Maintenances, DDoS & Alpha Problems

  • January 30, 2016 at 5:06 pm

    they are indeed passing out bans again, I was banned 3 days for selling multiple loyal rings of avenger, that i got from gateway. All i can assume is they have a cap od ad they are enforcing…was told to sit out the 3 days as it takes longer to get someone to manually verify the issue than waiting the 3 days.

  • January 30, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    Well cryptic has been getting hit hard by that DDOser like everyday added with these issues yea it was quite horrible. I advise cryptic to have a more managing team and getting more stable servers. They can also have a team of few players identifying and tackling some issues before they get so bad..

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