Swords of Chult Datamining Update: New Mounts, Winter Festival and the Lost City of Omu

Today it’s time for our patented datamining update before bigger releases. The devs do a pretty good job briefing players what to expect, but they don’t tell us everything. That’s why we always dig a little deeper and reveal some things that might otherwise stay hidden. And hey, guessing and debating what certain added icons and other stuff could mean is one of the fun things before releases, isn’t it? So without further ado, let’s crawl through!

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Awards to be Found Coast to Coast!

First of all, let’s revisit the latest dev blog about the new rewards in the Swords of Chult. In one of the paragraphs, Systems Designer Chantelle Tatum talks about new additions to Stronghold vendors. The included picture is actually slightly unrelated as it shows the skins for fixed damage weapons. The devs promised to bring these to live at some point for testing purposes. There is however new décor dropping from the Lost Stronghold Pack and two new icons for rings were added to the Mysterious Merchant gear. So guilds might wanna save up those gems again… Additionally a user on Arcgames shared a new “Exotic Chultan Fern”, which we can’t tie to anything right now.

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New Colored Community and Giveaway Mounts

This is admittedly a bit vague, but we at least have a decent idea what the next line of community and giveaway mounts will look like. The art team added several colored strider icons and there are two more for crab mounts labeled “Ps4” and “Xbox”.

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Winter Event Catch-Up Pack

Similar to last year’s “Simril Care Package”, the Winter event will once again feature a “catch-up pack”. This time it includes the Chultan Hunter companion, Pilgrim Gear and an Ascended Weapon Choice Pack.

The pack looks to serve its purpose as “catch up” for those that missed the last one or two releases. If you recently came back after Module 10 or haven’t played an alt since then, it might make sense. The Simril Care Package however was 5,000 ZEN, so it’s not exactly cheap. This time they at least included viable weapons. A year ago players got an Elemental Choice Pack, which was pretty lame considering that the next tier of weapons was already released.

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Lost City of Omu

Last but not least, we can share the first infos on a future content addition (Module 13?). Adventurers will stay in Chult a little longer and just like “Force Grey” travel to a new adventure map “Lost City of Omu” in their task to solve the death curse and stop Acererak. Several map and quest icons as well as strings are already in the game files that hint at Omu as next destination.

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M13 Founders Pack

With module 13 comes a new founders pack that contains a purple Deinonychus mount, a Compy Pack companion, a unique (transmute?) mask and VIP time. All of this stuff is not yet in the collection, but we can already share the Compy’s powers below.

[su_box title=”Pet_Compy_Pack” radius=”0″]Active Power
Deal +{p.m[1].magnitude}% increased damage. This effect is increased to +{p.m[2].magnitude}% damage while in Chult.

Chomp Attack
Compy does damage to its target by taking a bite out of it.

Pounce Attack
Compy pounces on the target, doing damage with a chance to slow.

Summon Power
Compy calls out to other compies to try and create a pack.[/su_box]

That’s our datamining update before Neverwinter’s “Swords of Chult” release. What is your opinion on the new packs and the Lost City of Omu? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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  • November 26, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    So, are the Ascended Weapons in the care pack already restored?? That would be a little bit cheeky only 6 mos. out….

  • December 14, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    I hope that in the future we can enjoy a partner Yuan-ti: it would be great (in my opinion it would be even more fanatical if the Yuan-you would become a playable race, but I would settle for the mate :))

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