Terramak Confirms Charcoal Change Will Be on Console Release – No Bans

Today we have some bad news for all console players that stacked up Charcoal and hoped for a big payday tomorrow. Because Terramak on Discord confirmed that the change that was patched into the PC version a couple days ago will also make the console “Heart of Fire” launch. This obviously means that the PS4 and Xbox crowd can’t profit from Charcoal as much as PC players, but as pointed out in our initial report it’s still pretty darn lucrative and basically free Guild Marks and Gold to bring mass Charcoal from Module 14 to 15.

Preparing for Economic Changes Doesn’t Equal Exploit

The mention that they aren’t taking action on players who made use of it is probably also reassuring to some. Although it was obvious that this was simply a conceptional flaw, some players hilariously started to call for bans and unnecessarily unsettled the community. If you punished smart players for properly preparing for economic changes, then you’d also have to ban those that bought up Masterwork products or Forgehammers because they anticipate their prices to rise. Paying attention to the preview server means you’ll occasionally have an edge on the market. That has nothing to do with “exploits”.

But the players that indeed didn’t like the weird state of Charcoal at least have the confirmation that the exchange rates have been toned down significantly. Now let’s just cross fingers that the launch will be smooth tomorrow so everyone on consoles will be able enjoy the “Heart of Fire” content.

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4 thoughts on “Terramak Confirms Charcoal Change Will Be on Console Release – No Bans

  • January 14, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    I’m glad they decided not to implement the old “We Done Fucked Up! Best Ban the Richest Players!” approach.

    So if they fixed that, let’s hope that the Konsole Kiddies don’t suffer from a broken Professions Campaign Quest and a Callum who decides to ignore you!

    I mean, one would think that game developers should be able to use at least some sort of simplistic, brute-force approach, such as colour-coded spreadsheets, with all the old reagents that will remain in the game with their old prices, sources, and places to sell, versus the new ones to compare with. Woah! Buy for 1, sell at 16,000!?! No red flags waving?

    Why does rare Charcoal sell for more than epic Ebony Log, anyway? What do we do with uncommon Residuum, which sells for 1 sp but has no other use as far as I can see so far? And the common Rock Salt, I have absolutely thousands of those as well. Not because I stocked up, but because I collected them over five years from doing Professions and looting nodes. And having rank 25 in the old Alchemy on 30 characters, that’s a lot of Ebony Log, Residuum, Charcoal, Rock Salt and Quicksilver.


    • January 14, 2019 at 2:17 pm

      They could hire Rainer to make them a spreadsheet beforehand. 😐

  • January 16, 2019 at 10:09 am

    It’s broken. I have 3 character and tried the crafting with two and both are now stuck on the crafting system cause I cannot progress and won’t try on my 3rd as that is the character I plan to craft with as he has all of my resources and I would to have him in the same spot as my two alts.

    This mod is crap actually; worst release IMO. The crafting system from what I have experienced is also tedious; why create a system that is tedious. I like other games crafting system and it is why after I complete the campaign I may just not play or play NWO sparringly due to not having anything to really do in the game.

    • January 16, 2019 at 8:20 pm

      Where are you stuck, Krona? Apparently there was a bug on PC that blocked progress. I did not experience it myself, but it would not surprise me if the console release is just as buggy, with the exception of things that benefit the players, such as trading Quicksilver and Steel Tools with Begum for South Sea Credits, and the Charcoal thing.

      Apparently, Callum would interact only with female characters after a certain point, and people were not able to proceed for other reasons.

      You sure you fulfilled all the requirements, EG you need to hire 10 Artisans before upgrading to rank 3, and you have to talk to various NPCs and pick up potion gifts when the sparkly path is invisible and so on, so it’s easy to miss.

      Also, check that Torn Bandit Camp Clues actually give you 180 Credits and not just 80 from your Retainer. Trade one at a time to check until they fix it.

      Also, some Worn Epic Mithral Alchemy tools only trade for ONE credit instead of 5000, so I am still waiting for them to fix that.

      Above all, never click Sell All on anything. You are likely to trade tools you need.


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