NWO:UN is born

I planned this project a long time ago when I first clashed with the mods of the official forum and felt an unofficial, community driven alternative had to be available. To be clear: Although I think some mods do overstep boundaries, overall they are doing a tremendous job to keep the board clean. It’s not particularly the mods but rather a very annoying and narrow-minded set of rules that interfere with any normal conversation. Also their zero tolerance policy regarding criticism of personnel or even just talk about the support is quite puzzling. I regularly find myself in a position where I want to exchange experience on how to deal with official sources the best way in a certain situation. This talk is bound to take place ingame or via the private messaging and I think a platform might help.

After pondering over the name, I think I could have gone with something less fierce, like unfiltered, but I like the extra kick in the name and after all this is how I felt when I finally decided to create the project. I get that this is a great way to create an environment for the banned, quitters, whiners, outlaws and suspended to voice their frustration and troll around, but I’m giving it a try anyway because I hope the benefits will outweigh any downside. Unbiased and uncensored talk about drop rates, the effect of exploits and other real talk could even contribute to get Neverwinter to a better state.

This project also tries to fill the need of a trade forum in the international realms, although I have no clue whether it is going to be used, and you can share your media without the need for it to be verified. I might even try to get a RPG section going, but I have to figure out how that can work. In the meantime, enjoy what’s already there and fire away!


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via blog@nwo-uncensored.com or check the forum.

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