Thomas Foss and Jen Mei Are Featured In D&D’s Dragon+ Issue 15

As it turns out appearing on the Dragon Talk show was not the only thing Lead Designer Thomas Foss did on his most recent trip to the WotC offices. Both him and Artist Jen Mei, creator of Tomb of Annihilation’s superb travel posters, are currently featured in the latest Dragon+ Issue 15, the official mobile source for all-things Dungeons & Dragons. The issue is either available through the Dragon+ app or online.

A Walk Through The Design Process

It’s an interesting read, but don’t expect any gameplay related stuff. Both Foss and Mei just walk readers through some of the design decisions made and how they tackled the jungle-themed content addition as a whole.

[su_quote cite=”Thomas Foss”]It’s Indiana Jones meets King Kong meets Dungeons & Dragons, right? The first thing we did is surround ourselves with those kind of inspirations. The whole team was watching these movies and passing books back and forth.[/su_quote]

[su_quote cite=”Jen Mei”]I tried to get one idea per poster and that way the subject matter was covered, but then I’d come up with additional ideas for each poster. Luckily for me these ideas got bounced around and we got some really great suggestions. The posters were a collaboration with a lot of people here on the Neverwinter team, and a lot of thanks go to Thomas Foss for his ideas and for our art director Ken Morse for helping me come up with these wonderful shapes.[/su_quote]

It’s great how engaged and enthusiastic both talk about the process. It seems like the team did indeed have tons of fun designing Chult and related assets. Watching movies, bouncing around ideas? Hell yeah!

If you weren’t already hyped for the console release next Tuesday, this should definitely help! But watch your back! Because as Thomas jokingly pointed out, the first thing you touch in the jungle might already kill you!

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