Tomb of Annihilation Preview: Low End Gear Sets

After previewing the details of the reworked Protector Seal Vendor we are continuing our Tomb of Annihilation series with the new gear that’s going to get introduced with the module. Not less than five new armor sets and one weapon set will be available for each class in the Jungles of Chult. Today we are going to tackle the three low end gear sets, the ones available right at release date. We’ll look into how to acquire them, their viability and visuals. I’ve prepared a sheet that has the stat distribution for each class as well as all set bonuses. The information listed there will not be specifically mentioned in this article again. So make sure to open it as additional resource.

*** UPDATE ***: In an earlier build on preview all sets used to have the same stat distribution, which is no longer the case. If the spread sheet is not up-to-date for all classes, stay tuned. I’m going to update it eventually.

League Sets

League Sets at item level 420 can be bought for Astral Diamonds from a vendor in Port Nyanzaru. A full set is 187,200 ADs. The armor goes for 57,600 and all other pieces are 43,200 each. Rings can be bought for 16,800. It feels pretty useless to invest Astral Diamonds in item level 420 when you can get Relics from Protector Seals that easy. But the stats are slightly different so you are able mix and match a little.

The set binds on equip, but currently the vendor only allows to buy the pieces for your own class. The set bonus is underwhelming in my eyes, because a lot is based on percentage of health missing. As we all know Neverwinter does know little states between full HP and death. So the bonus should practically be pretty useless especially since players like fixed stat bonuses. The additional utility proc on the Assault and Ward Ring for example features Critical Strike and Armor Penetration that players normally want to reliably cap.

Please note that all Rings will feature two slots (one offensive and one defensive) on the live version by the way. Currently on preview it’s only one slot, but this has already been changed internally.

Elite from Professions

An enhanced Elite League Set (item level 430) can be crafted from professions. Players can buy the new recipes for 2,000 Chultan Riches from a vendor in Port Nyanzaru. Farming the necessary resources is relatively easy. Some resources drop from specific mobs in Soshenstar River (Raptors and Batiri for example), others come from special flower nodes that can be found literally everywhere.

The system is set up like a mini Mastercraft one. To craft gear you need resources from tasks of other professions. So you either need to buy recipes for multiple profession or collaborate with friends or your guild. The gear however should be available on the Auction House for pennies pretty fast. As said the resources drop plenty, and there are no other hardcoded costs like ADs or Unified Elements involved.

Weapon Set

The new recipes is also where the weapon set is coming from. After the Cloaked Ascendancy already introduced a slightly less powerful alternative to the Relic Weapon Set, this one is a true budget. It’s BoE, can be crafted for pennies and upgraded with regular RPs and Marks. It doesn’t have a great set bonus however and just enhances a random stat by 2,000 at the start of battles for 10 seconds. If you still don’t own latest tier weapons though, this is for you!

Pioneer Set

The Pioneer set comes in at item level 440 and is available for the campaign currency Chultan Riches. The armor is 3,500, all other pieces 2,750 and the rings 2,000. It is BtA and the store offer buying gear for other classes.

I personally think this set is in an odd spot. While you will pile up Chultan Riches over time, 11,750 for a full set is actually a lot of grinding for a temporary set. Normally you should end your day with 300 to 400.

Although the set offers stat distribution that differs from the other sets, you will probably not target it directly, but buy it on a main that has surplus currency whenever you start gearing an alt. At least it’s a way to spend your currency and the set bonus is nice as well if you plan to run group content. Not sure what “team” is supposed to mean, but I guess it’s “party”. Can’t imagine that the set is giving 25 stacks in Tiamat for example.

Chultan Riches

Since you need Chultan Riches for both the League and Pioneer Set let’s quickly go over how to acquire the currency. It drops from daily and weekly quests, Heroic Encounters, Hunting and Fishing in the Soshenstar River. So basically everywhere!

Pilgrim Set

The best available set right at the start of the module is Pilgrim, which follows earlier premium currency versions such as Dusk or Frostborn. It seems like the usual setup. Arms and armors are available for Trade Bars, feet and head pieces will likely be bundled with something in the ZEN store. The set itself at item level 460 is endgame viable, and especially DPS should look at the arms as they could give a nice amount of additional Power in content with a lot of adds. There might be an unmentioned cap though. The feet piece has the known self heal when not in a party and hence is a nice addition to solo loadouts.

The Looks

Last but not least, here are a few pictures of the new sets for each class. League, Pioneer and Pilgrim all have the same appearance, but are colored differently.

[su_carousel source=”media: 7061,7070,7063,7069,7068,7067,7066,7065,7064,7062″ link=”lightbox”]

That’s our preview for the low end gear sets in Tomb of Annihilation! Do you like them or won’t you be able to utilize the additions? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

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