Tomb of Annihilation Console Primer: Gear Additions

On the release day of Neverwinter’s Tomb of Annihilation on consoles, we are wrapping up our massive primer that briefs you guys on the most important things to come. On Friday we already went through the story and campaign and continued with the Soshenstar River map and attached system yesterday. So click through in case you’ve missed these.

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Merchant Prince Lockbox and Premium Items

I bet one of the things most of you are eager to do is ride one of those dino mounts. The good news is: There actually are some, but are gated behind the module’s Merchant Prince Lockbox. Next to purple and legendary raptors, the lockbox also comes with several upgrade to the blue line of drops. Several packs drop more or better stuff. The artifact equipment pack for example has more marks and refining points, the companion pack no longer rank 7s and the stronghold pack comes with four vouchers instead of 2-3. The devs additionally upped the drop rates for the upper tier rewards in the enchantment pack.

On the contrary, it’s a relatively quiet module in terms of ZEN market additions. You have the usual companion (Chultan Hunter) to enhance campaign progression and new key packs tied to the latest gear. The devs additionally made adjustments to the campaign unlock prices and introduced new ones up to Storm Kings Thunder.

For drop chances, in-depth previews and reviews of all items, click the links below.

Gear Sets

Since the jungle features a lot more difficulty and new enemies, the devs made sure players have access to enough gear to meet the challenge. No less than five sets of different item levels can be acquired. It starts with low-end gear and weapon sets from professions and campaign currency, and ends with new capstone item level 500 from the Tomb of the Nine Gods dungeon.

Since most of the gear at least binds to account, a single character able to access Chult can supply others, making Tomb of Annihilation an important threshold to reach for your full account. In any case you’ll have access to item level 420 “League” sets that match basic Company or Relic gear. Available for little ADs on the Auction House they are the only starter sets that require no grind. Additionally item level 460 “Pilgrim” pieces can instantly be bought for Trade Bars or ZEN packs.

Chult Weapon Sets

It makes sense to quickly talk about the weapon set here. With by far the weakest set bonus in the current progression it aims at supplying alts. It comes from new Chult profession recipes and the required resources can completely be farmed. This means the weapon set will eventually become very cheap.

The set is not exclusively helpful for alts though. Because Relic and Ascended are both farm heavy, you could very well start with the Chult weapons first and switch later. Given the minimal initial investment, they’re easy to replace later on.

Protector Seal Vendor Rework

There’s not only tons of new gear, some old ones are getting substantially easier to acquire. All reagents and resources required to restore Relic gear is now part of a reworked Protector Seals Vendor. This mainly means you no longer have to run Storm Kings Thunder HEs or rely on RNG within Fangbreaker Island to deliver the unrestored piece you need. It’s a great change, but the market for the affected stuff will obviously crash. Lanolin is going for as low as 300 on PC right now for example.

Something for Everyone

No matter if you’re looking for endgame or low-end, it shouldn’t be hard to find a gear upgrade for all of your characters in Chult. The only ones not too happy with the update might be Masterworkers. The professions surely receive a downgrade with the new item level 480/500 endgame gear, although some Masterwork stat combinations might still make more sense depending on your build.

As always our Ratings Simulator is already ready to help you build your characters with all these new gear options. Also make sure to click through our related articles below to learn how to acquire the different sets.

That’s our primer for the Tomb of Annihilation release today. I certainly hope you feel prepared now! If not, don’t hesitate to post further questions in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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