Unblogged’s Top Articles in 2017

Another year has passed on the blog and like we did for 2016, we want to look back at the most clicked content in 2017. Let’s roll!

10. Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations and Guide

Throughout the year it became apparent what users like the most on our site. Many articles of this list are guides and tutorials. So it makes sense to start the top 10 with our Treasure Map guide of Module 12. It didn’t receive as many clicks as the corresponding articles of earlier modules, but the Treasure Hunt has also lost some significance since Storm Kings Thunder. Soshenstar River additionally had the fewest locations to memorize with 12.

9. Module 11 Ascended Artifact Weapons are well Balanced

Next to guides, people come to Unblogged to get info about upcoming content and features. The Asended Artifact Weapons article is a good example. It quickly briefed players about the upcoming gear in Module 11. Also it’s no surprise a Cloaked Ascendancy preview pops up here since the mods was majorly hyped. Tomb of Annihilation didn’t receive as much buzz although we even did provide a tad more coverage compared to earlier releases.

8. Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Trophies

Our maps for hunting in Soshenstar River are among the best we’ve ever created. So it’s only justified that the guide is included here. We had tons of fun mapping the mobs on preview and if rumors are true, then we are able to do it all over again for the adventure zone in Mod 13! The feature is not liked by everyone, but you gotta love our resources!

7. New Module 11 Items Include Companion Gear and Artifact Weapons

Our first post previewing the Cloaked Ascendancy ranks 7th your the year. Like mentioned the mod was greatly anticipated by many that didn’t like Storm Kings Thunder, and was well received by both experts and the audience.

6. Neverwinter Community Watch

Ok, we cheated a bit here. The Community Watch ranks 6th if you add up the clicks from all Watches in 2017. We still feel it’s deserved, because it has become a staple on our site that many don’t want to miss. Especially since the game’s own Community Manager is mostly MIA, we jump in, keep you guys updated, and feature those that create content for the game! Although it doesn’t receive that many hits on a weekly basis, the Watch was one of the best ideas and definitely is going to stay forever.

5. Relic Artifact Weapons Guide

Want to know how to acquire the still best-in-slot Relic Weapons? This article has you covered! It has been tweaked a few times to keep pace with changes. Therefore it is still going strong as 5th most clicked article of the year!

4. Module 11 Artifact Weapons Restoration Guide

Artifact Weapons were kind of important this year, right? The fourth (!) article about the topic slightly lands outside the top three, and just like the one about Relic Weapons remains relevant.

3. Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Star Hunts

The first part of our hunting guide for Chult came in 8th, the second one nets bronze! People probably most come back for the map of the locations, and this one doesn’t seem to go away any time soon.

2. River District Treasure Map Locations and Guide

Speaking of locations, the River District ones for treasure chests is 2nd! This is a little bit surprising as the hunt in Module 11 wasn’t actually that rewarding. But players apparently keep coming back to the post to get help while farming.

1. Sea of Moving Ice Fishing Guide

The SoMI Fishing guide is the only article that landed on both the toplist of 2016 and 2017! Probably because it’s the most clicked article of all time? Fishing in Sea of Moving Ice was a major moneymaker, and this landing #1 probably represents the state of the game rather accurately, for better or for worse. We’re happy the game moved on from Storm Kings Thunder, but we’re also happy we came up with this excellent guide.

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