Weapons Of Light Has Seen Enough, Decides To One-Shot The Game

Only days after the fix to the game-breaking bug of the Demon Lords set bonus, another broken feat interaction leaked on multiple platforms that allows Devoted Clerics to generate an indefinite amount of Power over time.

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It all started with a fun attempt of 25 DCs trying to do Tiamat last week after the dragon queen already took a beating from 25 CWs (link to that video can be found in our latest Community Watch). The Clerics accidentally discovered what our theorycrafters call an unintended loop of the feat Weapons of Light, which increases the Power of allies within 30′ by 10% of the DC’s Power.

DC Bugged Power
DC Bugged Power

Most players say the loop is situational and cannot be reproduced by less than seven or eight Clerics, but exploiters are of course testing whether it can be done in parties of five. Demogorgon and Tiamat are affected in any case. Meanwhile players from ‘Look Good Play Good’ could confirm the bug is also present on the Xbox.

As always any mention of the issue has been silenced on the PWE forum and subreddit, but you are free to discuss the situation on our message board.

Looping and unintended power stacking issues are not new. Back in the day the Knight Captain’s set bonus was stacking and led to groups of Guardian Fighter’s stomping content. Later the boon Burning Guidance was a prominent representative and several Paladin powers and aura’s caused issues as well. Weapons of Light now adds to the list.

Mods and users made sure the devs are aware of the situation, but at best we can probably expect a fix on the scheduled maintenance next Thursday. Until then, more healers than usual might spec into the Righteous feat tree.


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  • April 23, 2016 at 10:29 am

    I guess it’s hard for MMO devs to figure out stacking issues.

    Oh wait, EverQuest pretty much nailed them in 1991. *facepalm*

    — Venture

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