Weekly Neverwinter Botting Data

The Neverwinter Botting Data provides an estimation of how many value and items have been generated by bots. Please note that this is not a list of botters, but a list of data. We feel good about it although in some cases legit players, who are highly active on the auction house in certain categories, can be listed. If you feel you have been unjustifiably framed, please contact us with your handle and help us improve the query. The data has been rescheduled to the weekend, because we want to have more room for our columns throughout the week. We have currently scheduled a few updates to make the list more accurate. Stay tuned!

Within the last 7 days, our tracker recorded a total of 23 sellers posting at least 50,000 bottable items worth 5,000,000 AD or more for a grand total of 388,215,289 AD.

A more detailed table with all items can be found here.

@handle Value Amount
andre1009 43891387 179787
balor23 33315601 128398
bedab 8682800 82469
dameon292 5380107 147397
deathslab111 5252220 140326
dfdsdssabrah1984 32149961 271377
dobarskroz 7600222 208157
donpinodelavega 5543600 93357
ilonester#4916 30984000 60192
infernoxl 18333402 586278
lolroflxd2 13053219 294228
magnusvermagnus 5726931 91377
margeeee 7361585 497871
melodycore 9489253 82666
razendolf#6339 12542640 83042
sahitha 51700857 185531
shiva06 9325200 213246
slayerkingbaster 22346377 250838
standewil#3780 5275607 87520
torben140 6482614 114246
vividu60110140 14962700 108947
xiaomo2 32874806 108017
yilmaz667 5940200 101772
SUM col-sum col-sum


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