Weekly Neverwinter Botting Data

The Neverwinter Botting Data provides an estimation of how many value and items have been generated by bots. Please note that this is not a list of botters, but a list of data. We feel good about it although in some cases legit players, who are highly active on the auction house in certain categories, can be listed. If you feel you have been unjustifiably framed, please contact us with your handle and help us improve the query. The data has been rescheduled to the weekend, because we want to have more room for our columns throughout the week. We have currently scheduled a few updates to make the list more accurate. Stay tuned!

Within the last 7 days, our tracker recorded a total of 24 sellers posting at least 50,000 bottable items worth 5,000,000 AD or more for a grand total of 391,827,512 AD.

A more detailed table with all items can be found here.

@handle Value Amount
alteredstates 56088334 208671
asdgv 8808417 216674
avgbsdbhvcn 18404500 159178
bedab 11083200 112640
bravebandit 10852810 268285
cosinio1 7201632 76270
deathslab111 7146160 216929
dfdsdssabrah1984 11636667 61230
eocroos 10478609 64972
karabaja 5670757 141471
magnusvermagnus 7904819 137115
mcduffy#5326 5883096 96943
melodycore 18715567 131003
noobeczeq 5624304 64353
pazarion 32988207 51677
razendolf#6339 17507670 64479
sahitha 37013770 137236
sancio4 10502692 124542
standewil#3780 6497414 117886
torben140 5527785 90852
tulipnectar 36140400 81873
vividu60110140 20697698 220415
yilmaz667 7191900 136620
zelus95 32261104 531309
SUM col-sum col-sum


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Neverwinter Botting Data

  • April 16, 2016 at 8:40 pm

    @eocroos is a false positive: Dude’s an AH player and longstanding practitioner of the “turn twenty million AD into keys, open boxes, sell the outcome to make twenty-one million AD” method. And he’s gotten frustrated and is quitting the game, liquidating his assets.

    • April 17, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      peace out niggas

  • April 17, 2016 at 1:43 am

    bang bang!

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