What the Heck Is Going on with Loadouts and Companions?

Ok fellas, here’s a report out of the weird department. Something is going on with companions and loadouts. On consoles there are more and more reports since a few weeks that you can somehow get the Chultan Tiger to equip three rings instead of the intended two and a neck piece. It seems to be caused by a specific sequence of training the tiger and swapping companions and loadouts.

This isn’t just an issue of the Chultan Tiger though as a bug report by player “demonmonger” shows. He managed to get Insignias into slots for Runestones and Companion Gear into Companion slots. Community Manager Julia confirmed they are looking into this, because being able to rank up gear because it’s classified as Companions obviously isn’t intended.

A safe bet is that it’s probably caused by the Mod 13 update that included all Companion and Mount gear in the loadout feature. It was a great quality-of-life addition, but apparently also prone to issues. We certainly hope the devs will get a handle on this!

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2 thoughts on “What the Heck Is Going on with Loadouts and Companions?

  • May 21, 2018 at 6:51 am

    I haven’t encountered this bug, but the developers really do need to increase the options for companion gear. If a player wasn’t fortunate enough to collect companion gear before the Gateway was taken away or one of the over-priced Adorable pieces or don’t have a companion with ring slots, they are stuck farming IG for the off-chance that they can get a sub-par piece of companion gear, which isn’t likely able to compete with some of the available rings. This makes lots of pets as less than desirable and others just a method of padding IL (looking at you Lillend). An easy fix would be to remove the gear specification for each companion. Let all companions wear 3 rings or 3 necks or 3 talisman. A better solution may be to add updated recipes to the crafting professions to upgrade the personalized gear that could be used for companions (it doesn’t have to be MW so that it is open to anyone). Make it BTA or BOP so there isn’t a selling feature for it as that would encourage people to actually level professions, which currently there isn’t much point in if you aren’t farming Leadership or grinding Masterwork. They should also make MW neck and waist pieces that aren’t part of a set so that companions can equip them. That would at least give an option other than rings. They could also remove the restriction on set pieces being equipped by companions, but that may be a little too powerful (though I’d love to buy and refine a GWF Primal sword-knot just to throw on my Sellsword). They could also place the items on the Wondrous Bazar as an AD sink. Lots of options for little effort.

    • May 25, 2018 at 9:15 am

      Perhaps at a salvage station you could ‘reform’ the gear into a different type.

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