What’s the Cost of Zen Down Under?

Lately, with little pomp or fanfare, Neverwinter was launched in the New Zealand and Australian territories – at last those of you down under can indulge your worst consumer instincts and spend real money on virtual goods. But as of the time of writing, something is very odd in the Neverwinter Zen store.

For those unfamiliar with the price of Zen in the US, the exchange rate is $1US per 100 Zen. When you start ordering the bigger packs you get a few ‘bonus’ Zen thrown in for free. It’s pretty straight forward, and offers incentives for larger buys – but that same simple dollar to Zen exchange rate isn’t there for other territories.

In New Zealand shenanigans are afoot, with the 2000 Zen pack going for $24.95 – $5 cheaper than buying two 1000 Zen packs at $14.95 each. That’s a departure from the simple dollar/Zen conversion seen in the US, but at least it’s maintaining the simple premise of rewarding larger purchases.

The same can’t be said for the Australian store where the 500 Zen pack is $6.65 while the 1000 Zen pack is $13.45 – giving you a slight discount for buying the smaller packs. It gets stranger: Right now, the 5300 Zen pack for $64.90, which means you can buy two 5300 Zen packs for $10 cheaper than getting the 10600 Zen pack for $139.95.

PW are currently looking at the Zen pricing, so this may change in the future – but for now, players down under should carefully check their purchases to ensure they are getting the best bang for their buck.

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  • July 8, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Typo correction: Zen is 100/USD.

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