Winter Festival Event Preview

It’s that time again! One of the two annual seasonals is going to hit in two weeks and the last patch brought a preview of what to expect from the Winter Festival.

Winter Festival SceneryA few items have been added to the mix to keep the event interesting for seasoned players and some parts of the event will be restructured. A Snowy Fawn was added that currently is a copy and paste of the original Fawn and the lack of powers and Sword Coast Dices might indicate this isn’t fully done yet. There’s also a new Demon Sled that will require a new resource named ‘Flakes of Blacklead’, which might come from a modified mini-event, because in the spirit of the current Module Demons have taken the ice instead of Trolls. The new Mount also equals ground in the fan-favorite Twilight Run, because it comes with a 140% movement speed inside the Festival ground.

The biggest addition is the brand-new Artifact Beacon of Simril, which adds to the evidence that the devs have recognized players are having trouble filling their slots. After the Masquerade this seems to be the second event that comes with a comparably easy to refine Artifact and given the length of the festivities, Mythic quality could be in range (remember there’s a Double RP weekend coming up Dec 31st to Jan 4th as well!). Event RPs are added to the contests and fishing and hopefully the necessary reagents will come from event activities as well.

This is also a good time to remember Cryptic that they better double check on those Gift of Simrils, which came with a major exploit last year. It initially was never fully fixed, they simply added a workaround. Also a general hint regarding the Winter Festival is that more characters will yield more rewards because of the event structure. So it might be wise to stock up character slots to be able to claim as much daily Parcels as possible.

Overall, the changes look promising and players can look forward to it!



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