Winter Festival Starlight Parcels not Working Correctly

The Winter Festival is in full motion, except that some of the cash sop ZEN items are currently not working properly. The Starlight Parcels obtainable through the daily quest and 100 ZEN do not always contain an item of the second reward tier (“also contains one of the following”). Over the last days players had registered complaints on both Arcgames and the Subreddit. Yesterday PWE then acknowledged the issue, stating they might need 48 hours to deliver a fix. It’s unclear whether players that opened a substantial amount of Parcels will be compensated.

It’s not only the Parcels

Unfortunately it’s not only the Parcels. The Simril Helper companion from the Charge Promo is not giving a boost to Lights of Simril. Resolving the daily “Omens of the Stars” shows four Lights for the quest, only two however land in the inventory. Other activities are not enhanced as well.

We’ll see whether these issues can be resolved shortly. The holidays are right around the corner and as we know PWE and Cryptic operate on a limited staff. Looks like they might be able to push it through in tomorrow’s maintenance though.

Have you been affected by the bugs? Share your experience in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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One thought on “Winter Festival Starlight Parcels not Working Correctly

  • December 22, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    Just another thing that is released broken….. typical craptic…. totally a cash grab with no compensation for those who spent real money on zen. I would be shocked if they did anything to replace the parcels that were wasted. This among other things is why this game is on life support.

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