WotC to Reveal New D&D Storyline in June’s Stream of the Many Eyes

This news is a couple days old and probably not directly Neverwinter related, but we wanted to share it anyway because it’s always worth monitoring the developments over at Wizards of the Coast HQ! On May 1st the D&D company announced that they will be hosting a 3-day streaming event from June 1st to 3rd. It’s called “Stream of the Many Eyes” and seems to be similar to what they did with the “Stream of Annihilation” last year. Next to announcing their new story line, pretty much all of their popular groups will perform live on stage and preview the new content.

Neverwinter Could Pick up the Latest Story Line in Mod 15 or 16

Although the above tweet leaves room for speculation, we do not expect a module announcement for the game this time. It might fit the timeline (we expect Mod 14 to be released in July), but there are no Cryptic employees on the guest list right now. Also we’re pretty certain that the next major update will feature the older D&D module “Curse of Strahd”. So don’t get your hopes up. Nonetheless we could be getting a sneak peek at Mod 15 or 16, which we know the devs are already working on. Neverwinter has picked up most official story lines from Dungeons & Dragons and there’s no indication that it will change.

So the “Stream of the Many Eyes” might not have as much implications on Neverwinter as the “Stream of Annihilation”, but it’s still at least a date to mark for all you D&D enthusiasts. Of course there’s also no shortage of rumors and theories about where the next story line will be located. Players are trying to make sense of the small hints that WotC is dishing out, and some think the trail might lead to Waterdeep. Whatever it is, we’ll know on June 1st!

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