Magic: the Gathering RPG by Cryptic

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MinMax Fortytwo
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Re: Magic: the Gathering RPG by Cryptic

Post by MinMax Fortytwo » Fri Jul 07, 2017 21:12

The campaign is only the tutorial. If you complete it you get theme decks and can start building decks after that.

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Re: Magic: the Gathering RPG by Cryptic

Post by Bert » Fri Jul 07, 2017 21:54

Maybe I'll give it another try. I already uninstalled it.

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Re: Magic: the Gathering RPG by Cryptic

Post by TheHappyLion » Sat Jul 08, 2017 17:49

It looks like Hearthstone and the like kind of stole the thunder of MtG insofar as online card games go.

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Re: Magic: the Gathering RPG by Cryptic

Post by ambisinisterr » Thu Jul 13, 2017 07:48

j0Shi wrote:I'm not sure Magic is a game designed to have success online to be honest. Now the market belongs to Blizzard anyway, but I personally never felt like it's a game I want to play online, for whatever reason. Maybe it was a tad too complex, maybe because you've been playing it offline for the longest time it never felt "right" in the online world, don't know. I think just like Poker MtG just belongs on actual tables in actual rl tourneys.
That would be closer to the truth than claiming "the time of Magic the gathering was over a long time ago"
Magic is still thriving in the physical card version. The major problem with physical only mediums is that schedules are nightmares.

Look at how every single update for NW somebody complains that they couldn't play when they wanted to because the servers were down. That's my life when dealing with anything requiring physical presences.

I work from 12 AM to 10 AM 5 days a week. When I get off of work everybody else is at work. When everybody else is off of work I am sleeping. If I play an MMO I end up playing with people in Europe.
When I had a 3PM to 1 AM shift my free time was when everybody else was sleeping. When I played MMO's I played with early birds in Europe or people in Australia.

For many people in the world having a digital option isn't some minor convenience. Look at how much On Demand, Media Streaming and DVR's have revolutionized television. The days of not watching television shows because you were not around based on the television's schedule is over. The world now watches what it wants when it wants.
While this is ultimately still a convenience I don't believe that word is accurate in the same way that calling Mount Everest a hill is not accurate.

That's where digital translations of board games fall. It's very hard in certain areas of the world or for certain people in other areas to do the things they enjoy confined by physical limitations. How many people can I find that would want to play MtG between 10 AM-2 PM. How far would we all have to travel to meet up? What about if we wanted to have the same opportunities to play drafts and win prizes in the competition?

It's tough shit for me. I don't normally complain about it and I just accept the limitations that my life has imposed on me.
But that doesn't mean I don't deeply desire better ways of playing games like D&D and MtG which removes the requirements of matching schedules and interests of people in a 50 mile radius.

Making a digital version of MtG is by no means easy because it is ultimately far more in depth than digital media are. The current translations show the issues in translating the game quite well but I also don't think they did a particularly good job of doing this translation. While MtG Online is a very literal and true translation most of the fun is lost in dealing with popup boxes and other UI elements.

Maybe VR and/or requiring audio communication could resolve some of the jarring experiences...
Maybe we'll have to wait for some more advancements in technology...
But the world's goals should be to remove the barriers. Maybe one day we'll get teleporters and I can play board games anywhere in the world regardless of my schedule...but I somehow believe it is easier for developers to work on better ways of translating board games into digital media so anybody can have their poker night even if their poker night is playing MtG at 11 AM with people halfway around the world and not feeling like the UI is the opponent instead of their friend.

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