World of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft

Post by two31 »

I've been playing World of Warcraft after buying it cheap during a Black Friday sale. Most of WoW's systems are really well-polished and a pleasant contrast to Neverwinter's. However, my character just reached level 90 and started Draenor (which is not the current expansion but the previous).

Oh my goodness, garrisons are like Neverwinter's professions but worse. Tasks are of varying length (I've seen 30m, 1h, 2h, and 4h). There are rare tasks. There's no external app, so you have to be in-game to complete a task and start another. Worst of all, you can only complete tasks in one particular location in the world. So either you constantly travel back and forth from questing to handle your garrison tasks, or you just let them rot. At least in Neverwinter, you can use the professions panel from anywhere in the world.

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Re: World of Warcraft

Post by Shava »

I never got much into WoW, I played a few months back in the vannila days. I couldn't wrap my head around its plot. I played Warcraft 1,2, and 3+ but the online version made no sense to me. We left the series with the orcs, humans, and night elves all teamed up to overcome the undead... then WoW comes in with the orc, undead, tauren, and trolls against the alliance. I played a night elf for those few months and went back to playing other games.

I never played since the vannila version, I really cannot comment on Draenor or that system. Have they improved the 3D models? Or do they still wear oven mits as hands? LOL Meanwhile most of my friends have left Neverwinter for games like Black Desert (buy 2 play) or Guild Wars 2 which has gone free to play. I don't have the time for more than one MMO. I will stick with NW until I get bored with it.

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Re: World of Warcraft

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i can be your friend shava...

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Re: World of Warcraft

Post by Silverkelt »

ITs a ancient game in comparison, I know they did a engine reboot at some point.. but it almost hurts my eyes to see videos of WoW.

I played it for a few months between 2004 and 07.. somewhere in there.. When I finally got into lotro heavily. Lotro was at that time, imo, worlds better.. vastly better, in almost every aspect, then my brief time in wow.