DOTA preview of loot boxes

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DOTA preview of loot boxes

Post by silence1x » ... 1827895220

A sign of things to come? It appears that you still have to purchase the loot box to get a "new" previewed box but at least you know what you're getting. I highly doubt Cryptic would ever do this but it's encouraging nonetheless.

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Re: DOTA preview of loot boxes

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Interesting, thanks for sharing! Ironically this doesn't really change anything, because now you have to buy one pack to get a look at the next (random) one. It's really amazing how devs shoot themselves in the foot over this bullshit when they can pretty much achieve the same with a much better perception (probably).
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Re: DOTA preview of loot boxes

Post by PutzBoy78 »

not sure how the better solution isn't to guarantee that the prizes will exceed in value the cost of a key+lockbox cost. Would be any different than: ... ystery+box


lawyers should have a field day with this