Rings and + values

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Rings and + values

Post by Akuvar »

So a lot of BiS articles mention using a +4 and a +5 ring. Rumor has it that two +5 rings cancel out, or don't work, but I can't find anything on that. Is it true? What exactly does a +5 ring give you? +5 what??? Do + rings work on companions?

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Re: Rings and + values

Post by dupeks »

Generally speaking, 2x of the same +# ring only give 1x the benefit. This is why you see +4/+5 as BiS.

It's also possible for some items to have an additional bug after you equip 2x and unequip 1x, you have no benefit.

The way I like to think about it is that some "equip" bonuses are set up as "lightswitches". When you put on the first ring, the switch gets flipped "on". Then if you add a second ring, nothing else happens (switch is already "on"). The when you unequip one ring, the switch flips "off" and you no longer get a benefit. (To fix this, take off all rings and equip just one and it'll work again).

Notably, primal rings were changed to instead stack after players complained that the BiS rings weren't stacking. All other examples of identical rings exhibit the behavior I described above (haven't tested too many personally, but they definitely don't stack 2x)

Related, the +3% melee damage buff from bear armor and heels of fury had a similar problem. They just fixed it to stack, but forgot to do the same for +3% ranged damage buff on hag's rags and eyestalk wraps. To me, this is evidence that they build powers by default to be "lightswitch activation," and have the ability to rebuild the power to be stackable on a case-by-case basis.

They haven't indicated whether or not they intend to do anything about identical rings not stacking.