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Hello Again...

Post by Mr.Linux »

Hello people, I haven't been here in some time now. Thought I would share some knowledge about the game.

Have you ever wanted to open your game without using the launcher? This command works but only if the client is up to date on patches.

Set the working directory to where you have the Live folder;
C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios\Neverwinter\Live
Set the command to run the client with the server information;
x64\GameClient.exe -SetAccountServer -server -server -server -server

Run that and you don't need the Arc or Steam Launcher. It won't prompt you for your account information until you get beyond the 2 loading screens. When you need to patch, the game will inform you at the login screen. To patch the game go to the C:\Program Files\Cryptic Studios\Neverwinter folder and execute Neverwinter.exe, then after patch you can return to running it without all that background noise. :D

I think I am missing the patch server on my list or maybe there is a -patch command?