Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

In the spirit of discussing what shall now be discussed, discuss! Share your absurd, funny or even lauding stories about the PWE support/moderation, we're sure you have some! Direct quotes of messages are absolutely allowed.
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Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by duckntroll »

Hell'o fellow unhamstered adventurers!

I'm repporting the current one-way feedback and heavy moderation done on the Mod15 preview topics!
I know it's something so USUAL that it shouldn't come as a surprise...

The strange thing is how it started on the SW class change topic
  • At the start there was only good user feedback on the done changes! :D
  • So hope started to grew, and grew and nothing :?:
  • Not even a clue of acknowledgment :?: :?: :?:
  • So users start to joke about it :P
  • And sadly, the moderation team started to manage the joking SW's as the raging others :?
  • It's "funny" to notice the topic is actually reducing in size... :cry:
  • To add insults to the stupid moderation policies, the Cryptic staff just released ONE message for ALL subjects, it says
    • Respect the ToS!
    • They have no time, so they will not answer anything.
    • They garantee to have read our comments, made some notes and will probably use it.
  • Even a child can see how much hidden insults and contempt there is in this message content, no?
    • Is Cryptic staff so crazy/incompetent they really dare to insult their own client that much?

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Re: Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by TOSoff »

Arrogant, contemtuous, incompetent, hubristic.

Same old same old.

What makes their current self created mess more interesting is the speed with which internal stuff appears to be shifting.

A few days ago, at the height of the self induced Huntgate crisis even Asterdahl was apologising. Virtually every sentence had some sort of apology in it.

A few days later and we are told you can all F**** off. Basically you will take what ever shit we choose to give you and anyone who does not say it is gold will be banished to the darkness with much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Which one reflects their true nature, asterdahl saying he is sorry about anything or the community manager telling us to F off. The latter I think so maybe the change is just a reversion to the unvarnished them. But I suspect the catalyst is blind panic as they look at the state of Mod 15 against the timeline.

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Re: Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by ankor »

Hubris lol.

Those ancient Greeks knew a thing or two about not provoking the Gods through excessive pride.

I spent much of the latter part of my career fixing projects and programmes. Pride in the ancient Greek sense was a major cause of project failure. The auditors would use words like optimistic and ambitious. Waste of time. Organisations drum optimism and ambition into staff so they take them as compliments when the auditors were politely saying you must have been mad, or on drugs, or both.

What the current situation says to me is defer for a month preferably two and/or descope/derisk. The level of change looks far too high for their current level of capability and should never have been sanctioned. The only thing that seems to have improved at Cryptic is the deep techie stuff around the servers. The stuff a Mod relies on like coding has been getting steadily worse. In those circumstances you have to reduce the amount of change, increase change control and increase QA.

Not very likely. Not their style. They just dump half finished stuff on to players then punish them for complaining. So I suppose you could pair lazy with contemptuous.

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Re: Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by Methuselas »

All their money and resources are tied up in the Magic MMO. Look at their jobs page. 1 open Art position for STO, 1 for NWO, 0 for Champions and 5 for Magic. A LOT of Server-side positions.

Clearly Magic is the new money maker and it makes sense. They probably get less limitations with that system than with NWO, STO and Champions. It sucks for the players of their other games, that they're pulling assets off established projects to work on assets in development, but that's a big indicator that their established games aren't bringing in the revenue they require to stay solvent. Being someone from the industry, I can tell you it happens all the time. I wouldn't be surprised to see that less than 5-7 people actively work on all of their open established assets for extended periods. This is why people aren't getting the "Feedback" they want. It's already been coded, it's on the server and they don't have the resources to fix anything beyond game-breaking bugs.

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Re: Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by Shadowblade »

A lengthy post on SW was sent to the Lower Depths by some over-zealous TwatMod. I found it in the NWO Tracker and copied it. I could cross-post it if that's OK with j0sHi.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a HAMSTER! man in possession of a good HAMSTER!, must be in want of a QUACK!"
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen (1775–1817)

Good to see forum censorship never makes things look worse then they actually were to start with.


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Re: Mod15 one-way-feedbacks

Post by j0Shi »

Shadowblade wrote:
Sun Nov 18, 2018 19:02
A lengthy post on SW was sent to the Lower Depths by some over-zealous TwatMod. I found it in the NWO Tracker and copied it. I could cross-post it if that's OK with j0sHi.

"This information is not official and is not supported by PWE. This content was removed from the official neverwinter forums because it provides information that is potentially false and sheds a negative light on unpublished and unknown drop rates within the game." -melodywhr