Jubilee, 2018

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Jubilee, 2018

Post by Shadowblade » Thu Jun 14, 2018 22:02

Please someone clarify this for me, as I don't want to screw it up!

Only one character can do "It's a Celebration!" and get 5 coins? It says that if a second character takes the quest, it will be kicked from the journal with a "completed" message. So it's wise to do the quest with a character that can make use of the BtA equipment, as it will be for the class that claims it?

Also, at the end of Protector’s Jubilee, players who have completed at least one day of “It’s a Celebration!” will be given the quest “A Heartfelt Thanks” to get ONE Thank You Crate.

So, only one character can claim this Thank You Crate, as only one character can complete even one day of “It’s a Celebration!” ?

Completed at least 5 Days
Ultimate Enchanting Stone
Power Points x10
Retraining Tokens x5
Bank Slots x16
Epic Experience Booster
Runic Bag of Holding
Companion Upgrade Tokens x70
Legendary Dragon Keys x20
Apparatus Anniversary Crate – Choice of one Epic Apparatus of Kwalish mount (Fancy, Gold-Lined, Ornate, Red-Hued, 2 Enlightened, 1 Universal Slot)
Anniversary Rare Companion Crate – Choice of Xuna or Makos companion (Blue or Purple?)
Coalescent Ward
Title “The Jubilant”
Legendary Dragon Key x20
Companion Helper Pack

So it's also wise to use a character that not only can make use of the BtA equipment, but also does not have Max Personal Bank slots or is maxed out on Power Points and does not already have BoE bags already equipped?

Or will they be tokens we can transfer, and BtA bag that then BoEs??

And what's the Equip Power of the mounts, and are they all the same?

So, this year, only one, single character can do the Jubilee quests? It's not worth trying on two or more, as a 2nd, 3rd etc character cannot even get the quests from Elminster? Just the old quests, like the skirmishes.

And follow that Travelling Merchant?

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Good to see forum censorship never makes things look worse then they actually were to start with.


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