Bag of Tricks Vol. 105: Here’s How the Dab Hand Artisan Skill Works

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All of the Artisan skills in the new workshop system are fairly straight forward and easy to understand. At least that’s how it seems. In fact, all of them do indeed work as their tooltip states. Except that a tooltip of one particular skill leaves some plenty room for speculation. “Dab Hand” states that it doubles the results of “most” recipes. Very early on preview, this constraint wasn’t communicated, leading to most players suggesting that Dab Hand would be the skill to go for. Tests however revealed that not all products were actually affected and at some point the tooltip was then changed.

The skill however does still not say what type of recipes it actually affects. Turns out “most” is neither very accurate nor correct. In fact, Dab Hand only doubles the results of recipes that produce profession resources / materials. It doesn’t work on any recipes that craft “end products” . This includes all gear, Supplements, Potions, or Profession Tools. Dab Hand simply doesn’t proc for those.

You could probably argue that it makes sense that you can’t get two Masterwork Weapons from one recipe, but this is still a poor job of communicating how that particular skill actually works. It’s not that Dab Hand is completely useless however. You can still use it for all Gathering tasks, and obviously also for any other resources. Especially when leveling up Masterworks, where you have to craft a bunch of profession specific +1 mats, Dab Hand comes in very handy. But it’s not the powerhouse we all thought it would be when we first read its description.

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One thought on “Bag of Tricks Vol. 105: Here’s How the Dab Hand Artisan Skill Works

  • November 24, 2018 at 2:06 pm

    So no Double Bubble on Masterwork weapons, then? And I thought that they had claimed that in Mod 15 the Tool Tips were clearer and less ambiguous than ever…


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