Tymora’s Gift Event Guide

The Tymora’s Gift event is one of Neverwinter’s drop events that normally runs over the weekend from Thursday to Monday. The way these drop events work is always the same. All killed mobs within seven levels of you have a chance to randomly drop some event specific extra loot. For this event its the Gift of Tymora. All of the rewards directly or indirectly drop from the farmed Gifts.


Fools’ Crown and Fashion of Neverwinter

The Fools’ Crown is a purely cosmetic item that has a small chance to drop from Gifts. Since it’s unbound and the event around for a while, it can normally be grabbed cheaply off the Auction House. Before gunning for it, definitely look it up. The same is true for the “Fools” fashion that was added to the event in Module 15. It has a pretty flamboyant look thanks to its fur and trilby hat and could be used for some nice themes. We’re sure some of you guys will find a purpose.

Tymora’s Lucky Coin

The Lucky Coin is one of a few permanent buff devices in the game and has a small chance to drop from Gifts. With a cooldown of ten minutes it enhances a random stat. It’s not a must have, other buff devices are superior. Since you can only have one buff from devices active at any time, you want to try to get one of the better ones first (like Chain of Scales) and then use the Coin as backup. Just like the Fools’ Crown you can probably get it for a reasonable price on the Auction House especially during the event days. It also drops from the Challenge of the Gods event.

Tymora’s Lucky Enchantment, Rank 3

The Lucky Enchantment is an utility enchantment that is not widely used. The pouches that drop from it mostly generate gold, which for the longest time only few players needed. Other utility enchantments generated more refining points and were often preferred. With the emergence of Gold as important currency in the new Workshop system however, the Enchantments could make a comeback into some utility slots.

Tymora’s Spinning Coin Artifact

The Spinning Coin Artifact is another addition of Module 15. In its Mythic version it gives 1,000 Power, 600 Critical Strike, and 1,000 Combat Advantage Bonus, which is decent enough to make it into DPS loadouts as secondary Artifact. Its active power can also debuff enemies, but it’s unreliable and only seems to effect you and not the full group / raid. You can’t do wrong though trying for this one or picking one up on the Auction House during the event. It’s at least serviceable.

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Coin Storm Vanity Pet

Players can get so-called “Vanity Pets” (non-combat pets that passively follow a character around) from different events since Module 15. The one from Tymora is called “Coin Storm”. It’s unique and binds to the character. As pure collectors item it generates most of its appeal through the fact that it might only be available for a limited time and you can show off in front of other players. Other than that it holds no value. At some point it might however be pretty cool to summon the Vanity Pets from all the events as your personal minion army!

Favor of Tymora

The Favor of Tymora is the only event currency and there’s only one item to buy for it in the shop: the Amphail Fancy Horse. It is 40 Favors and as green mount only appealing for collectors or those that like the look. During the event you can also get Favors for buying certain items on the ZEN market. A full list is on the wiki. While dyes and fashion are no longer available, the devs have put them back for this event in the past. So you might not be limited to the Refinement Pack to get bonus Favors.


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Farming the Gifts is pretty easy: The more mobs you slay, the more Gifts you’ll get. The drops have a small internal cooldown, but there’s no hard cap. So if you want to farm all day, you’re free to do so. The best maps obviously are those where you have lots of mobs that are easy to kill. Some prefer Strongholds, but others also use the Elemental Evil maps, because the level difference of seven is calculated off your scaled level. That’s why mobs in Drowned Shore for example will still drop Gifts for level 70s although some are only level 61 or 62. On PC you can also try farm foundries, but I’m not really sure that’s still a thing and whether the Gifts are even dropping there.

Unfortunately the Gifts do not drop frequently in group content, especially for support builds. Since all that matters for a chance at a Gift is the killing blow, group members compete with each other and your DPS will get most of the kills.


Tymora’s Gift is a nice addition for those running dailies. You’ll get some extra loot along the way, but it might not actually be worth farming it hardcore. The unbound stuff can net some ADs on the market, and everyone has to decide for themselves whether they like the look of the fashion and the Amphail Fancy Horse. You should however try to get the Tymora’s Lucky Coin and the Artifact for your characters. Albeit not mandatory, the device offers a nice permanent buff and the Artifact is a very viable secondary one on any DPS toon.

What’s your impression of the Tymora’s Gift drop event? Do you like it or are the rewards not very appealing? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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  • October 6, 2017 at 5:25 am

    Yawn, Past its sell by date imho, time to rework it or kill it.

  • October 7, 2017 at 2:18 am

    PS4 here – in about 2 hours of burning mobs in chult I ended up with 59 of the gifts. Those got me 2k ad (4 times), 1 lucky coin, 1 unified elelments (which sold for 45k). Considering I was trophy hunting in chult anyways, the additional loot is great if you ask me.

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