The Easter Egg Adventure Party Made It to Ravenloft

Looks like we start off the week on Uncensored with a little morbid touch! After touching on Makos earlier today, we now want to talk about is a little ghostly adventure party that marches towards the Castle Ravenloft entrance in Barovia at night. User “hustin1” had found them a while ago and initiated a conversation in this thread.

Don’t They Look Familiar?

As it turns out the party is no stranger to the Neverwinterverse and veteran players. It’s an established Easter egg that has appeared multiple times over the last modules. If we’re not mistaken the party originates from a tabletop D&D group played by the devs. That’s why they exist as character sheets in the Day of the Dungeon Master event. You can also find them on an ice floe in the Sea of Moving Ice and in Kabal’s Demiplane (Mod 11) for example. They are usually painted clueless and feature funny conversations.

Now it indeed appears that the adventure party found its way into Barovia, although not fully unscathed! Kudos to the devs for finding time to continue this Easter egg and also to the players for noticing it!

Have you run across the adventure party in Barovia? Can you meet them in other places than the ones we’ve mentioned in this article? Share your thoughts and knowledge on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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One thought on “The Easter Egg Adventure Party Made It to Ravenloft

  • September 10, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    As much as I enjoy having a laugh at meaningless drivel and fluff, I really would prefer that the Devs had spent the time fixing at least one, well-established bug.

    Just pick any one, single bug from any one of the 8 classes and 24 Paragon paths and fix it. One per week.

    Or any of those weapon enchants that don’t proc off encounters when they should.

    And so on…


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