All You Need to Know About the Neverwinter Ravenloft Release


Neverwinter Ravenloft is the 14th major update of the game and brings adventurers to Barovia, a dark demiplane. It is ruled by evil Count Strahd von Zarovich, a relentless vampire that uses a deadly mist to prevent the inhabitants of his land from escaping his terror. The Neverwinter campaign aligns with the official D&D storyline “Curse of Strahd”. Adventurers are lured into Barovia by a travelling folk called the “Vistani”, gradually learn the lore and struggles of the land, and will eventually challenge Strahd in his Castle Ravenloft.

As always we’ve compiled all relevant information you need about Neverwinter Ravenloft and walk you through the additions and features in this article. Have fun with it!

Solo Story & Campaign

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The module introduces a full new campaign in its own adventure zone. For the third time in a row, Ravenloft, utilizes the “Weekly Haul” as progression system that allows players to freely choose when to do their tasks over the course of a week. Adventurers grind through a pretty standard set of dailies, weeklies, Heroic Encounters, and campaign tasks. You can either progress towards the endgame dungeon “Castle Ravenloft” first or get a set of four new boons. The zone itself comes with new solo instances and a day and night cycle that has limited gameplay impact. Overall the mod catches the spirit of Ravenloft pretty well. It’s a dark and horror setting in which dangers might lurk right behind you!

We have prepared preview articles that cover all aspects of the story, campaign, and zone below. Just click through!

System Changes & Additions

One of the more discussed changes of the module was the one to the Astral Diamond refining cap. ADs are the player’s main income and since it’s changed from a 36,000 cap per character to a 100,000 for the account, many players fear that this will nerf their overall income. Along with the cap changes, random queues were adjusted and tweaked to fit the new system. The queues are now more sorted by difficulty of content and not by type, which should lead to players finding the same challenge throughout a category.

The Hunts system, in which players track and bring down certain unique targets, is also continued in Barovia, albeit in a different form. Hunts in Module 14 are instanced and much more of a group activity. With so-called tarokka cards players can add challenge and rewards to Hunts, and overall the system is much less RNG dependent, which was a major flaw of the counterparts in mods 12 and 13. Ravenloft in the meantime is light on class balance changes and the meta shouldn’t change drastically.

Our articles covering all systems and changes are listed below. Click through in case you’re interested in the details!

New Gear & Items

As always a new mod also comes with new items. Ravenloft will introduce a new type of seal as part of the Castle Ravenloft dungeon for which players are able to buy a new capstone armor set. On top of that the line of artifact equipment will be extended with two more weapon and four more artifact sets. The campaign, mobs, and Hunts are able to drop a wide range of item level 490 – 540 gear, which additionally features legacy visuals that were discontinued with the level cap raise of Elemental Evil in 2015. Whoever was a fan of the old looks (or simply likes more choices) should be pleased.

The new lockbox is called “Undying” and comes with Ravenloft themed mounts, companions, and a new “Eclipse” armor enchantment. A new “Prominence” weapon enchantment by the way drops from Castle Ravenloft. You can find all the details about the new gear and items in our articles below!

Quality of Life Changes

Starting with Module 14 the devs have scratched their approach of releasing a “b” module featuring quality of life changes. Instead, those are included in the main module update. That’s why Ravenloft features a flurry of small improvements and fixes that players have been waiting for. The list is highlighted by the ability to disable enchantment visuals, sort characters on the select screen, and updates to the need/greed system and bonus refining points event. We’ve covered that and much more on our preview articles below!

Have fun in Barovia!

We hope this list will help you to find your way through the mists of Barovia! In the coming weeks we’ll be extending our coverage with more guides and other Ravenloft resources. So make sure to come back regularly! In the meantime, enjoy the module update and have fun with evil Count Strahd!

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  • July 12, 2018 at 10:49 pm

    thats fine but you dot say how you can unlock the zone on a new char

    • July 13, 2018 at 9:30 am

      Thanks for the hint. We’ve updated our preview articles about the campaign and Barovia zone with the info. You start the introductory quest line at Lord Neverember in Protector’s Enclave.

  • January 23, 2019 at 6:02 am

    Ravenloft! Blast from the past,when I 1st read about it in upcoming module,i had to do a double take,then had to go dig out my DnD guides from the 90’s,1990’,ya I felt old,but glad they revived it into the game,good to recycle and throw a new spin on old adventures,and new generations enjoy it.woot!

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