Neverwinter Heart of Fire Preview: Full Gallant Gear Visuals and Stats

As part of our massive coverage of Neverwinter’s “Heart of Fire” update, we look into the K-Team Challenge and Gallant Gear sets today. I already outlined in the Acquisitions Incorporated preview that the campaign will introduce a new weekly that hands out currency for item level 600 sets. Players have since tested the feature more extensively. So there’s some additional stuff to go over. Plus we’ll have all the visuals and stats of the new gear in this post!

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K-Team Challenge

First of all, let’s quickly go over the K-Team basics once again. The challenge is a weekly quest that players unlock with the Mod 15 campaign completion. Every week they are tasked to run a specific dungeon on a so-called “hardcore mode” and “item scaling”. The quest hands out a new currency called “Omin’s IOU” that let’s you buy new “Gallant Gear” from a store. You need 16 completions (roughly four months of work) to get to the full set. Most players however probably won’t go for all pieces. It’s nonetheless obvious that the devs want players to gradually work towards the new gear. It is a substantial upgrade in item levels after all.


With the Manycoins skirmish being the only group content addition in Module 15, I personally hoped that that K-Team would be appealing to endgame players and provide them with fresh content and challenge in old environments. Technically that’s the case. The “hardcore” mode only grants teams one life, or “down”. Whenever Soulforge procs or any player is reduced to zero health, a timer starts that will inevitably kick the team out of the dungeon. I haven’t run into such a case, but you are probably able to still finish the dungeon in that grace period. So if the end boss dies within seconds, you might still complete the quest and the dungeon.

The item level scaling in the meantime additionally scales teams back to the minimum requirements of the dungeon. The scaling mechanism however as we now is very lenient to endgame geared players. You are going to lose some power, but as the video below by northside shows, potent teams can still very much rush through the content. I personally do think you have to be more careful and the K-Team challenge can turn out to get annoying within careless teams. But overall this might end up being just another grind, which could be a little underwhelming for a “hardcore” feature.

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Gallant Gear Stats

With that being said, let’s move on to the Gallant Gear stats. There are two different sets for each class and the type of stats seem to equal the ones from the “Lord” sets of Module 14. I have attached pictures of all sets below so you can take a look yourself. The equip bonuses in the meantime are the same across all classes:

  • Head: 5% damage bonus for 5 seconds when killing an enemy (30 second cooldown).
  • Body: 3% additional damage mitigation for 10 seconds when taking 15% of your HP in a single hit.
  • Arms: 200 Armor Penetration for each enemy you’re engaged in battle with.
  • Feet: Summons a flying sword to fight for you for 10 seconds.

As you know I’m not a fan of unreliable bonuses for stats that you want to reliably cap. So I can’t see the arms piece getting a lot of love. Same with feet to be honest. The only really viable equip bonus seems to be the one of the head piece. But overall this is nothing to get overly excited about. All pieces however can obviously be used for min/maxing purposes and should definitely replace gear without or with inferior equip bonuses.

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Gallant Gear Visuals

Last but not least, here are all visuals for the Gallant Gear. I’ve taken screenshots of both male and female characters, the difference however is slim.

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This is our preview of the K-Team challenge and Gallant Gear sets! Have you run dungeons in hardcore mode on preview? What’s your impression? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

7 thoughts on “Neverwinter Heart of Fire Preview: Full Gallant Gear Visuals and Stats

  • October 16, 2018 at 7:41 am

    i cant think of anything i want in there…

  • October 16, 2018 at 8:36 am

    It looks like it’s gonna be one of the most boring modules 🙁

  • October 16, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    I honestly am happy when I see all these new gear posts b/c they are all absolute garbage and I dont have to concern myself with the usual gear treadmill of mmorpgs.

    Cryptic’s inability to understand what players want is honestly a blessing in this regards. I will not be bothering to get a single piece of that set and most players wont be, for example any melee character atm is using;

    Head- Barovian Lord Piece (i550)
    Chest- Fured Kumo of Bear (i480)
    Hands- Fearbringers (i480) or Terrored Grips (i540)
    Feet- Heels of Fury (i540)

    I just dont understand the point of this new mod, it literally makes everything worse from what ive seen on the preview servers and the majority of the player feedback, no0one is happy, no-one wants it, its just confusing to me how you could get something this wrong.

  • October 18, 2018 at 3:07 am

    I will not be grinding for any of this as I don’t need any of it. I rather like the visuals though. They make a change from the Games Workshopesque excess of some of the sets or the garish pyjama like quality of vistani gear.

  • December 6, 2018 at 5:16 am

    45K HP from chest piece… adding HP to items was probably the worst design decision in mod 6.

  • December 17, 2018 at 7:11 am

    The only piece to get is the head. Making up 1500 crit strike from the Brov. Head piece is easy. The new Gallant headpiece is the only thing worth pursuing. So enough runs for 1 piece of gear and that is on DPS classes only.

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