New Arcgames Forum Undelete Feature on Uncensored

One great thing about our most recent hoster change is that the website now has access to much more resources than before. It not only shorten load times, but also allows us to add a few extra jobs. One of those is our new Arcgames Undelete feature! It displays posts from the Arcgames Vanilla message board that have been edited by moderation, moved to the lower depth, or completely removed from view. Edited posts usually show the original content, but sometimes our engine is only able to catch a change after the fact.

You know we love information and data, and this is something that we wanted to get online for a long time. We always tracked posts on Arcgames locally, but are now finally able to let the server do the crawling automatically! Do not expect too much though. We monitor the forum for a long time now and most stuff that gets deleted is pretty boring. Also watch out what you post now, because we are able to bring it back up again!

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