Day of the Dungeon Master Event Guide

In this guide we’ll be going through all of the aspects and rewards of the Day of the Dungeon Master event. The month-long festivity probably brings the most D&D-ish atmosphere as the event’s lore is loosely based on the adventures of Acquisitions Incorporated. None other than Chris Perkins aka Portobello is hosting the event, in which players get evaluated by Flabbergast and find themselves fighting as miniatures on tabletop maps with comedic narration! This makes the Day of the Dungeon Master a pretty fun and unique experience.


Two special campaigns are unlocked during the event days. Respen’s Marvelous Game was the original start of these tabletop events, but later got incorporated into the Day of the Dungeon Master. If players master Flabbergasts’s evaluations in the meantime, they will earn unique rewards in the Portobello campaign.

Respen’s Marvelous Game

Players have to participate in an event queue that will randomly place them into on of two special skirmishes. Both are level 60 content, so scaled 70s have an easy time in there. As mentioned the event is not based around challenge anyway, more around a fun environment. The main currency to earn here is Crystal Dice, but the maps also reward special buff food and surveys. Players need all of those items to progress in the corresponding campaign, which they can complete in one day. Fitting the comedic theme, the reward is a certain flavor of Lathander’s Dew and a title to go with it.

The skirmish chests and corresponding event store however have more useful stuff to offer. It’s the only time in the year to get an Adorable Pocket Pet, a permanent device that grants on of four random buffs for ten minutes. Additionally the Green Slime and Pewter Golem companions are up for grabs. The chest rewards are unbound, the versions in the store bind to characters.


Portobello Campaign UI

Players have to complete the Portobello campaign over the course of the four event weeks. Several tasks grant Adventuring Accreditation, which is required to progress in the campaign, but capped to 100 per week. So new characters have to participate in all four weeks to get their “Sub-Employee” status from Flabbergast. Each week comes with its own reward:

Also surplus Crystal Dice from Respen’s can be used in a “Die Nation” task that rewards an Owlbear Figurine once completed 20 times. Just like Respen’s the rewards are mostly novelty. The dagger artifact might be of use to some builds though and the wand could be used for certain exploits in the past.

Adventuring Accreditation

There is a multitude of ways to acquire Adventuring Accreditation. In the event hub “Burrow Dawn Inn” players can pick up a daily evaluation task and go against each other in a skill course race. Also certain dungeons, profession tasks and other content is rewarded with Accreditation. The changing list of tasks is called “Heroic Feats of Heroism” and can be found in the campaign window.

Event Queues

Players will however get most Accreditation from the four event queues. Each week an additional map is unlocked for the Portobello campaign. You can queue into these only from the “Burrow Dawn Inn”. The four maps are:

Each features a minor challenge to figure out. Just click through to our previous reviews to get detailed information. They are not specifically hard however and just like everything else mainly feature an unique environment and are fun to run. Besides Accreditation the maps also drop event buffs and Crystal Dice. If you mostly look for the latter however it’s much better to run Respen maps instead.

The Beholder Hunt

THE main reward of the Day of the Dungeon Master is the Beholder mount. It’s a special reward from the Artificer’s Workshop that gets unlocked in week two. Once players complete the map, they can interact with the Beholder for a very rare chance at the mount. Gunning for the Mount can be exhausting and there’s a decent chance that, even farming your ass off, you’ll not see one. That’s why our earlier review concluded it’s not worth the effort. If you however want to complete the Portobello campaign, it can’t hurt to earn your Accreditation with the Artificer’s Workshop and try RNGesus. Just like lockbox winners the Beholder mount drops are broadcast using admin messages.


If you’re not solely behind rewards, this event can absolutely blow you away with the amount of cuteness. Just don’t let the grind kill for the Beholder all the fun. The event is really based on bringing an unique environment and special atmosphere to the players, and indeed very good at doing that. That’s why the Day of the Dungeon Master has always been a fan-favorite!

What’s your take on the Day of the Dungeon Master? Do you like its fun-first approach? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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