Neverwinter Heart of Fire ZEN Market and Premium Item Additions

As part of our massive coverage of Neverwinter’s upcoming “Heart of Fire” update, we’d like to go over the ZEN Market and premium item additions today. As always the game monetizes certain boosts and features of the new module. One key aspect is going to be the new Workshop system, but you’re also having new key bundles and mounts! So what will players be able to buy with their precious ZEN come November 6th?

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Premium Profession Packs

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The ZEN Market will get extended with a flurry of new profession packs for the new Workshop system. We’re not sure what the devs have included. Given the names however it seems that you are able to boost and even completely buyout certain professions as well as stocking up on Artisans and Supplements. The Artisan Pack is already available on preview and generates a random application for a player-chosen profession. This means you can directly speed up your profession success on the ZEN Market. We don’t believe you will be able to fast-forward to any Masterwork stuff by the way. The “buyouts” will probably just be for the basic level 70.

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Premium Hair Styles

As you might already know, hair styles are the new big thing alongside the Sword Coast! The current Founder’s Pack features them and they will also be included in the new “Lunar” event rewards. The ZEN store gets its own line as well and will apparently sell styles of well-known ingame characters Catti-brie, Serissa, and Drizzt. The first two appeared in the Storm Kings Thunder story line while Drizzt was part of the Underdark campaign back in the day. “Layered Mane” is the name of the other hair style.

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Trained Basilisk

The Trained Basilisk is going to extend the line of ZEN Mounts and probably cost around the usual [sc name=”zenicon”]3,500. It adds 2,000 Power as Equip Bonus and comes with two Enlightened and one Universal Insignia slot. With that, it matches the Apparatus of Kwalish in terms of possible Insignia Bonuses (Assassin’s Covenant, Barbarian’s Revelry, Champion’s Return). The Basilisk looks decent and having nice bonuses as well it could become a popular pick on the ZEN Market. Some more new mounts got art that indicates they will appear as premium items, but we weren’t able to assign them to any promotion, event, or system yet. It’s two recolored and reskinned Apparatus mounts.

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Wiggins the Undead Intern

The usual campaign enhancing companion ([sc name=”zenicon”]2,500) is called “Wiggins the Undead Intern”. Next to increasing the Module 15 campaign currency by 10%, its Active Bonus could make it viable for some loadouts as passive pet. When in combat for longer than 30 seconds, Wiggins increases the power and defense by 5%. With two defensive slots and a ring / waist / grimoire layout we don’t see players using it as active companion though.

Winter Catch-Up Package

Since a few years the Winter Festival offers a chance at a so-called “Catch-Up” package that includes some items from the last mod to help new players starting out. This year’s deal has already been previewed by us in this article. So go check it out!

Holiday Charge Promotion

Also leading into the holidays is the “Holiday Charge Promotion” that hands out additional rewards for charging ZEN. Matching the approach of previous years, it comes with two unique mount skins that will probably exclusively be available in the promotion. The “Silverleaf Sled” features with 1,000 Defense and Movement as Equip Bonus and sports the same Insignia Slots as the Dawn Unicorn. Possible Bonuses are Alchemist’s Invigoration, Combatant’s Maneuver, Gladiator’s Guile, Shepherd’s Devotion, Wanderer’s Fortune. The Crag Cat’s Crescent, Regal, and Enlightened slots don’t match any bonuses.

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“D&D Items” Key Bundle

The key bundle in Module 15 will include a mystery box that’s called “D&D Items”. We’re not sure what will be included there, but if the devs follow their usual approach it should be packaged together with 20 Enchanted Keys. There are certainly a few intriguing possibilities given the name, including some crossovers with other D&D products.

That’s the list of premium items we were able to dig up so far. What is your impression? Are you tempted to buy something? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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  • November 1, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    My dragonborn craracter is bald. Does this mean I can buy a toupee, wig or merkin for him ?

  • November 5, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    Sounds like another bunch of ripoffs. “Premium” Zen items with a “chance” of dropping something good, but really drops Random Crap for the wrong profession.


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