How to Get the Unblogged Article Feed into Your Discord Server

Last week we talked about how to get our DevTracker feed into your Discord server. We’ve gotten very positive response and actually saw some servers incorporating the developer posts, which is great. That’s why we want to add to our how-tos and now show you guys how you can do the same with our blog feed. You know we are your #1 source of all things Neverwinter, bringing you daily coverage for the game! So if you want your users or guild members to stay on top of all news, there’s no better place to start than redirecting them to the Unblogged articles.

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The process of including the feed requires third-party software that monitors the RSS feed of the blog and pushes updates to your Discord. We plan to support the required Webhook functionality at some point, but until then you’ll have to use a middleman. There are several options like that can handle the task, but it seems like might be the best free choice to connect our RSS feed with your Discord Webhook. All required steps are described in the video we have linked below. Thanks to user “Chew” on our Discord by the way for sharing it with us!

This by the way obviously also works with any other RSS feed. For the Unblogged one however make sure to not include the “content” in the message body (“ingredient”). It will result in a malformed request (returns HTTP error 400) to Discord and won’t work! Have fun getting our content on your Discord!

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  • October 13, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks for the mention. I like having this and the DevTracker on my Discord server. Keeps my lazy members informed with ease!!

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