Lair of Lostmauth Strategy Guide

Lostmauth is an old and powerful dragon that threatens to attack Neverwinter. To save our precious city from complete destruction here’s a guide to stop the draconic foe.


After entering the dungeon we must kill four enemy groups to progress to the first boss. Individual Golems count as full groups because they are extremely sturdy. The easiest way to complete the task is to aggro the first Golem near the entry and then run straight to the group of cultist in the top left corner. The first Golem will follow and you can kill two others and the patrol at once, avoiding three other groups of patrolling cultists and completing the task as fast as possible.

The Drake Rider

The first boss guards the entrance to Lostmauth’s Lair. There are two phases. In the first phase he will sit on his Drake Mount and use the following attacks:

  • Throwing Spear: His spear can one or two shot any non-tank class in the game. It is automatically triggered if you are too far away from the boss, no matter how many aggro your tank has. How far is too far? You can orientate with the circle on the ground of the arena. If the boss is in the center, you shouldn’t step outside that circle. Ranged classes should stay in mid-range to the boss to be save.
  • Maul and Claw Attack: Melee classes should avoid the front of the Drake Rider. While in the first phase the Drake makes a bite and claw attack in a small, NOT DISPLAYED, AoE in front of him. This attack is as powerful as the spear attack and can one or two shot any none tank class in the game. The best way to position is to stay sideways to the boss.
  • Jumping Attack: Also the boss likes to jump around. Avoid being hit by it and try to stay close to his landing area because if you are too far away he will start throwing spears.

Second phase

At 50% health the second phase starts with the Drake Rider de-mounting. Now you must fight against the Rider and his drake separately. The Mount has the same attacks like any other drake. He will jump his target doing medium damage, bite (similar to the Maul and Claw attack) and make an AoE attack around him that will drain the live of any none tank class very fast.

The Rider has three different attacks. He makes medium damage with his spear and two very powerful telegraphed attacks. One is a shield bash attack and displayed as a cone shaped AOE in front of him. Everyone in this cone will be proned and receive a lot of damaged. The other is some kind of roundhouse strike with his spear. The Rider telegraphs this attack by lifting one arm holding the spear to charge it up for about 3 seconds, every none tank class should leave the melee range if he starts doing that.

How to approach the fight?

Nothing unusual has to be done. The tank starts taking aggro of both bosses and other party members just have to be aware of the AoE attacks and start backing off a bit. If one of the two dies, the other one will get a power up displayed by growing in size. This is a nice effect but nothing to worry about.


Now adventurer’s delve deeper into Lostmauth’s cave. The path you will take to the next boss is decided by Lostmauth himself, players have no say in it. After clearing a room full of adds, one out of three doors open randomly and lead players to different obstacle runs. While the middle and right ones are relatively easy to accomplish, you only fight against multiple groups of monster with a bit of falling debris or some fireballs that are easy to dodge, the most challenging is the jumping path on the left.

The Jumping Puzzle

The one way with the fewest monsters to fight awaits behind the left door. Here you will encounter a jumping puzzle and only one Golem in the middle of the track.

Before we start, here’s a small reminder: You can jump higher and farther by holding the spacebar instead of shortly tap it. This is crucial! Also you jump farther with a higher movement speed.

The jumping puzzle starts off with some kind of weird stairway filled with Lava and Fireballs crossing the sideways. The easiest way to bypass the fireballs is to go to the left or right side of the track. That way fireballs can’t properly hit you because they actually end before of the end of the stairs, leaving a save spot.

After the Golem the next part of the jumping puzzle is a pond of lava. It has small platforms in it and some contraptions shooting fireballs. If you have plenty of Hit Points to spare you can try to jump into the lava and simply run straight to the other side before you are burned to death, but that rarely works well unless you want to feel like a well done steak. Which means you must jump across on the platforms and avoid being hit by fireballs. The easiest way to cross this part is to use the most left platforms. These will partially lead you outside the pond with a cliff underneath you that instantly kills you if you fail. The platforms however are very close to each other. Even classes with a low movement speed shouldn’t run into much of a problem and also no fireball can hit you there.


Lostmauth isn’t the only dangerous creature in this cave. He has a pair of giant Elemental Lava Scorpions as pets. Sounds dangerous? It is! (and beautiful, wish I had one as Mount…) Every attack in this fight has the potential to instantly kill any non-tank class. The Twin Scorpions have four attacks to unleash upon your group:

  • Claw Attack: A full frontal claw attack. Avoid staying in front of any scorpion.
  • Fire Breath Attack: Within a very large cone the Scorpion will telegraph a fire breath attack in front of him. More reasons to avoid staying in front of him.
  • Lava Attack: The scorpion will use his tail to spill out a small puddle of Lava in front of him. This is an attack even the tank should avoid. Being hit by it will not instantly kill the tank but makes him prone and does a tremendous amount of damage over time. In case you are unlucky to fall prone in the lava puddle even your tank can die.
  • Fire Rain: Every now and then the scorpion will generate a rain of fire around him. These are small AoE fields that target every character. As soon as this attack starts you should try to back off a bit and wait like six to ten seconds until this attack is over. Your tank should be save by using his shield.

How to deal with it?

There are two ways to approach the fight. If your tank is capable enough he can tank both scorpions. Best way is to have one scorpion in front of him and one to his left or right. That way it’s easy for the remaining group to stays behind both scorpions. Additionally it shields the group from being hit by the fire breath attack and the tank can easily back of a few feet as soon as one scorpion starts the dangerous lava attack. In any case the DPS should focus one scorpion, it will get way easier as soon as the first is dead.

If your tank has trouble with the incoming damage from two scorpions, someone else must play bait. While the tank gets aggro from the left scorpion, another party member takes the right one and pulls him to the end of the arena. To avoid incoming damage you simply have to run around in circles a bit. But beware! Don’t let the front of the scorpion aim at the direction of your teammates. The fire breath attack is extremely large and can hit them. As soon the teammates killed the left scorpion, the tank overtakes aggro and the group can finish it off.

After you slaughtered a very trivial wave of Cultists, you enter the vault of Lostmauth. Sadly the riches shown here are only mere decoration.


Lostmauth has two phases. In the first phase Lostmauth gets easy on you and leaves a lot of time between his heavy attacks, in the second phase he is much fiercer though. His attacks are:

  • Maul and Claw attack: A full frontal AoE attack that isn’t displayed as AoE. Easy to endure for a tank, deadly for any other class.
  • Fire Breath Attack: The attack deals a great amount of damage and pushes you into the molten gold if you don’t watch out.
  • Wing Buffet: This is a big AoE attack around Lostmauth. He will open his wings to get rid of all melee attackers. Not only does the attack itself deal a lot of damage, but also follows up with falling damage and most of the time you will land in the molten gold as well.
  • Roar Attack: You are stunned while he makes his shout attack. During this phase three big AoEs will be displayed and shortly after he stopped shouting it will rain down molten gold. Initially they will prone you and deal a huge amount of damage. Be extremely careful because multiple fields can overlap and deal double or even triple damage. Avoid at all cost.
  • Vicious Glare: Lostmauth targets a random party memberfor about six seconds. His eyes are starting to glow red and the telegraph looks like laser beams. This attack can one shot any none tank class and you are save if your tank is right under the head of Lostmauth because it will hit it him instead the target. It’s working a lot like the beams in the Temple of Spider. Classes with a dodge can avoid damage if they time it properly.

Some general advice: Never attack Lostmauth (or any dragon) from behind. As soon as someone does that he does a fast tail attack throwing the attacker across the arena into the molten gold. If you are not one shotted by the tail attack you die in the gold most of the time. Attack him from the sides like any other dragon!

Arena Effects

The vault itself has some effects players have to deal with:

  • Molten Gold: The outer parts of the arena are be flooded with molten gold. Don’t stand in these areas, the damage over time will kill you in like three or four ticks. Even tanks shouldn’t stand in it too long.
  • Falling Rocks: Those are falling from the ceiling. The damage can kill if it crits or you’re not at full life. The attack also shortly stuns players and has a very small dodge window.
  • Fireballs: Four dragon pillars outside the arena are shooting fireballs through the arena. If you stay closer to the pentagon in the middle of the arena you are save from them. They do not deal much damage but can knock players back. An unlucky sequence of rocks and fireballs can permastun players to death.

Air phase

At 50% Hit Points Lostmauth takes off and floods the arena with molten gold. The only save space is the pentagon in the middle of the arena and rocks continue to fall from the ceiling. Each team member stands in its own corner of the pentagon. That way players can dodge rocks by simple sliding to the middle and immediately retreat back to their corner. This setup also makes sure not more than one players is targeted at the same time. Getting hit by a rock usually means death, either by the impact or because you’re pushed into the molton gold. If that’s happening it’s best to let the tank revive because it can sustain the damage best. After the transition phase you continue to attack Lostmauth. In the second phase he attacks more frequent and takes the fight against you more seriously.

How to deal with it?

Unfortunately there’s no real strategy involved. The tanks of course grabs aggro, but between falling rocks, fireballs and wing attacks, there will be a lot of random deaths for non-endgame geared players. Everyone has to be aware of the stuff going on and constantly moving is a good advise to dodge attacks. You won’t be standing at the same spot for too long anyway. Unfortunately even doing everything right there is a certain random element to the fight. The only thing you really shouldn’t die to ist the dragon’s fire breath and vicious glare.

I hope you like our extensive strategy guide for the Lair of Lostmauth! In case you have any further questions or remarks, please post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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