Bag of Tricks Vol. 77: Farming Small Heroic Encounters

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Welcome to the latest installment of our Bag of Tricks! On some days you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too.

We’re pretty sure we’ve touched on today’s Bag of Tricks topic at some point before, but it can’t hurt to give it some more publicity. You may not know this, but not all Heroic Encounters work the same, specifically in terms of their spawn method. The small River District Heroic Encounters are pretty unique for example. They are part of the map’s living environment and instead of just killing the HE, players are supposed to prevent the rituals by donating resources at the sites. But don’t actually doing the delays respawns the HEs every five minutes, a fast rate compared to other maps. The second example are Ravenloft Small Heroic Encounters that respawn as soon as another one gets finished.

This means a well organized zerg can take down approximately three small HEs every five minutes on these maps, or 36 per hour. Ever since Module 11, zerging these “SHE” was one method of choice to complete the daily quest or farm Arcane Magical Writings. But it’s also an underrated way of getting some RPs, RADs and a bunch of Seals. All Small Heroic Encounters generate 20 Seal of the Brave that you can either turn into gear or trade 100 for [sc name=”astralicon”]1,000.

While that might not sound too appealing to endgame players, it’s a viable farm for lowbies, especially if you’re doing the corresponding campaign anyway. Plus the ratio gets incredibly more satisfying on event weekends. A x2 Double Seals event increases the profit as well as a Seal Vendor Discount. In any case you can’t do wrong by at least looking into the River District and Ravenloft Small Heroic Encounters as a legitimate way to farm.

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2 thoughts on “Bag of Tricks Vol. 77: Farming Small Heroic Encounters

  • February 5, 2018 at 6:56 am

    The real question on the RD SHE farming though: clockwise or counter-clockwise? For some reason any time I join up and find they’re going counter-clockwise, I instance hop.

  • February 5, 2018 at 7:56 am

    I try to go clock-wise when I can, same for heroics in the stronghold!

    This process also drops the Abandoned Treasures at a fair rate which turn into voinblood for making more keys

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