Neverwinter Heart of Fire Workshop Crafting Products

In our fourth piece previewing the “Heart of Fire” Workshop system, we turn our attention to the final products of crafting tasks. What will players be able to produce and are all current popular tasks still available? Let’s find out!

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Coffer Crates

Let’s start with some stuff that you might be searching for simple because you’ve been running the tasks in the old professions system. The range of crates you can craft and supply to Guild Coffers have been drastically decreased. There are only two left. A “Gold” crate is available in the Alchemy profession and an “Astral Diamond” one in the Gathering profession. So using the crates to amass Guild Marks will most definitely stop.

Refining Points

With Leadership the ability to utilize alternate characters to craft all sorts of boxes that grant refining points will also be gone. But you can still craft RPs directly using the “Jewelcrafting” profession. The highest basic gem at level 70 is the “Black Opal”. So if you’re looking for alt viability in the new system, it’s probably crafting Opals 24/7. Doing so is a lot more tedious however than just starting Leadership tasks once or twice per day. You constantly have to restock on necessary resources and also supply the required amount of Gold for both the gathering and production tasks. Find the necessary balance and workflow will certainly be interesting.

Reinforcement Kits

One thing that’s still available in the new Workshop system are the Reinforcement Kits. Just like right now they spread all over the available professions, but their requirements have changed slightly. Also the “hardcoded” Astral Diamonds are now part of the commission costs, which means Artisans with specific bonuses are able to substantially decrease the cost or even completely negate it. So getting the right type of Artisans will be key in crafting the Reinforcement Kits in Module 15.

Masterwork Item Level Bump

While Masterwork products remain unchanged, their item level will get a pretty significant bump to up to 560 for MW V gear. This by the way also includes Artifact Gear and Artifact Weapons, making them instantly “bis” for pretty much all builds. +1 versions go up to 570 and Exalted up to 590. The next best legendary pieces are 520. Mastercrafters should be able to profit a second time from earlier investments in professions. Actually prices on live did already spike in the wake of the announcement. The reason is that current Masterwork products will feature the updated item levels in Mod 15. You do not have to craft them again (unless you want those new +1 pieces).

But also suppliers will be able to make a buck or two in farming Explorer’s Charts. So make sure to grind Guild Marks, because the market should go up significantly soon after the launch.

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Alchemy Supplements

Like mentioned in the article about Artisans, Tools, and Supplements, professions largely supply themselves. Supplement recipes can be found within Alchemy and the best ones come from Masterworks. So having one character specializing makes sense since Supplements could turn out be become fairly important for high-end recipe success. Since most if not all of them are unbound it also presents an opportunity to turn the products into some ADs on the Auction House.

Blacksmithing Assets

Another profession taking on a special role is Blacksmithing since you can craft Tools for other professions there. Just like Alchemy it might make sense to let one toon specialize in that area to be able to supply your account, or make a quick buck on the AH. Blacksmithing however only creates very basic Tools up to 375/375 (+1 versions). So I doubt this will really develop into a niche on the market because there are much better Tools available elsewhere.

Basic Gear and Companions

“Basic” gear from the Workshop (Armorsmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking) goes as high as item level 500. That’s not shabby especially considering that it shouldn’t even be too hard to get the “high-quality” results (item level 510). Workshop gear should at least be viable to start off or supply alternate characters. Power sharers might also want to look into the new items as some of them feature quite a lot of power. An additional intriguing element are the new rings and neck pieces. While not that interesting to players, they could present an upgrade on companions even though some only feature one slot.

That’s our preview of the Workshop product line! What’s your take on the items? Did I miss anything important? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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  • November 5, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Really not looking forward to this.

  • November 6, 2018 at 2:23 am

    So what if you were crafting the boxes to supply the guild coffers, not for Guild Marks, but to actually progress the Gem and Surplus Equipment requirements, are we now going to have to pick up absolutely everything and dump it into the coffer?

    I’m not going to be disgruntled until the release goes live on Xbox, then we will be able to see how it impacts.

  • November 8, 2018 at 11:15 am

    Has anyone figured out formulas for crafting chances? I want to upgrade my masterwork spreadsheet, but now it gets quite hairy with all these different crafters.

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