Guild List / Directory on Neverwinter Unblogged

Guild List

Everyone knows playing together makes for more fun in any MMO. So why not promote your guild on Unblogged and profit from thousands of Neverwinter gamers that visit us regularly? Every single one could be a potential new comrade.

For that purpose we run a pretty straight forward link exchange program for guilds. If you want to get listed in our guild list / directory, you need to link back to us from your guild website. Our preferred type would be including our RSS feed, but just adding a text or banner link works as well.

The current form of the guild directory is a simple drop-down entry in the main menu. This could slightly change depending on the number of guilds in the directory, but the guild list will always be accessible from the front page.

All guilds that are established, active and already have at least a medium-sized roster are eligible. In case you’re interested please email us your website and general guild information to or use the form below. All guilds from PC/Xbox/PS4/Drider are welcome.

Please note that some long-time supporters of the site are listed without matching all of these requirements.

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