Perfect World Finally Embraces Twitch, Runs Multiple Campaigns for Ravenloft

Good news everyone! Perfect World might have finally realized that Twitch can be an asset in the growth of the game. You might have noticed that a lot of “sponsored” streams have popped up on the Neverwinter Twitch channel recently from variety streamers that are not a part of your usual daily cast there. That’s because PWE is currently running multiple campaigns to push the latest module Ravenloft and give it some exposure on the platform. Prime users for example can grabPurple Owlbear just for linking their Twitch and Arc accounts. Additionally Perfect World teamed up with streamers, handed out giveaway items, and sponsored streamers to show the Ravenloft content to their audience. Neverwinter has been hovering around 100-200 viewers over months so it was a pleasant surprise to see the speaking TV “scribbleh” generating over 3,000 viewers briefly (1,000+ on average) yesterday. The numbers can by the way be looked up on Janne’s page. The site recently got updated with a new Twitch data section!

Resident Streamers Getting Pushed as Well

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The publicity and short-term influx of viewers is certainly nice, but the sponsored streams obviously will end soon and the streamers move on to their usual games or next assignment. That’s why it’s good to see that our resident long-term streamers are getting pushed as well. As confirmed during the maintenance stream on Tuesday, several guys have been contacted by Perfect World’s Community Manager Jared regarding some giveaway codes and a promotion. Neverwinter has teamed up with Opera Event and streamers can now use the game to engage, grow, and monetize their channels. Opera Event operates a “Gather” software/platform, on which viewers can earn a free subscription or gift money to their favorite streamer by running “quests”. You’ll surely see some streams with a new !freesub or !freegift command that will redirect you to Gather (here’s the dashboard for Garlaanx for example). The quest chain for Neverwinter by the way wants players to send out a few tweets and then bring a character to level 10. There are also two Neverwinter related raffles where you can win 50$ gift cards. So it’s definitely worth checking out!

Please note though that other quests include spending money ingame, subscribe to a service, or buy something. Because let’s be honest, that’s what this quest system is all about. Users are incentivized to spend money on partner websites, Opera Event gets a reward for it, passes on some of the money to the streamers so that they bring more users in. It’s still a nice way to promote the game and give our streamers a way of making some cash with those bounties.

Good to See Some Commitment to Twitch

No matter whether you like the approach of the “Gather” platform and sponsored streams, it’s good to see that PWE is doing something on Twitch. We have often complained them not utilizing their content creators, and we sure hope this is not a one-time thing but the start of a continued effort. Streamers (like mi_ah or kodereader) that are not part of any official promo have announced some giveaways for Ravenloft as well by the way. So wherever you go on the Neverwinter Twitch channel, there’s a decent chance that you might be able to get something for free!

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