Here Are the Best Dungeons to Spend Your Chest Re-Rolls On

One side effect of the Module 15 Salvage and Dungeon Key change was that most players should sit on pile of chest re-roll tokens, at least on their alts. But even if you don’t, the question now becomes what content makes most sense to run, and spend re-rolls on. I’ve compiled a quick list of chests that are able to generate decent value. This is what you should be gunning for:

Merchant Prince’s Folly

Since Module 15 the Illusionist’s Gambit Companion Gear also drops in Folly. You are pretty much guaranteed a +3 given a gold completion, with a decent shot at getting a +4 thanks to your re-rolls. The market already crashed, but there’s still some value to grab, especially since the skirmish should only take five minutes. The only downside: You’re limited to one key per day and might need to farm Mod 12 currency to be able to run it consistently. Other than that, you can’t do wrong. I would however do this in a premade and save yourself some frustration although the queue pops relatively fast.

Manycoins Bank Heist

To be honest I’m not sure whether the new Module 15 skirmish will eventually end up on this list. I still have to unlock it and get a couple runs in. But for now, let’s put it in here because it’s new content with new loot. So investing re-rolls to get the shiny stuff theoretically doesn’t sound too bad. Test runs on preview have also shown that this should be equally easy and fast to complete as Folly or Shores of Tuern. And since it gives campaign currency you should be running it eventually anyway to fill your Weekly Haul.


Svardborg gets a honorable mention solely because the dungeon comes with three chests. If you have leftover keys from Mod 10 and a party willing to get into the trial, by all means go for it. But restocking the keys is a major pain and pretty much not worth it even though you can now stack them infinitely. It additionally doesn’t help that the main reward of the chests, the legendary marks for Mod 10 weapons, are no longer of any use. It’s dead and re-rolls won’t be able to change that.

Normal Demogorgon

DemogorgonDemogorgon is in my daily rotation forever since it is able to generate its own chest key. It still remains on of the underrated aspects of the trial that I can’t rave about enough. Especially compared to other content it’s convenient and makes so much sense that I’m not sure why the devs only did it in the Underdark campaign. Anyway, if you have re-rolls to spare and want a quick completion, there you go. The trial itself doesn’t drop a great item, but as any chest has a chance at a potentially valuable Mount, Companion, or Refining Stone.

Fangbreaker Island by the way is another dungeon that creates its own key and has chests that can net some decent unbound items.

Epic Shores of Tuern and Temple of the Spider

Speaking about quick completions, these two never get old, don’t they? If you just want to generate any chest to use your re-roll tokens on, run some old-fashioned eTOS/eSOT farms! Just like Demogorgon the best you can hope for is one of the random chest items however. You could probably include Lair of Lostmauth here as well and I’m sure you guys have your own favorite of “quickest possible completions”.

Cradle of the Death God & Tomb of the Nine Gods

I guess this is what everyone and their mothers are doing right now. Just run Cradle and TONG to the ground and hope for those Ultimate Enchanting Stones. Both dungeons have two chests that can drop them. So you basically have ten chances each run. Sounds legit! Plus you have a chance at getting valuable other stuff. You need those campaign keys however so prepare to start running one or two of the quicker weeklies again in Soshenstar and Omu.

Castle Never

The Shard of Orcus is still selling for quite a lot. And Castle Never is easy as hell (don’t tell Orcus though…). Probably not the best one in terms value and rewards, but if a run opens up, your time won’t be wasted. Too bad the devs haven’t enhanced the drop rates of legendary rings from chests like they did with Hunts. Not that Castle Never would drop super great ones anyway, but it surely would be an additional benefit of running the content.

Hardcore Mode

Although the Hardcore Mode is commonly associated with the K-Team challenge, you can actually run dungeons voluntarily with that added challenge for better rewards. Easy content like CN, Folly, eTOS, eSOT or even Demogorgon can easily be completed in a potent group that pays a little more attention than usual. As reward you’ll get more ADs and a better shot at the rare rewards.

We haven’t yet been able to properly track all added benefits of the “hardcore mode”. So right now it’s just “more rewards”, but we’ll make sure to give you more accurate information as it becomes available.

Castle Ravenloft

Just like Svardborg, Castle Ravenloft gets a honorable mention. It’s the hardest dungeon with the best rewards, so your re-rolls there are well spent. But obviously you have to be able to run and complete it in a reasonable time, which most players still struggle with. So it’s not technically a full farm location for me. I’ve also heard some people talking about how they rather spend their tokens in Cradle. I guess it’s strictly a time / rewards thing though, but you should definitely monitor your own runs and figure out what nets you the most.

Where do you spend your re-rolls on? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

5 thoughts on “Here Are the Best Dungeons to Spend Your Chest Re-Rolls On

  • November 14, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Do you have any general tips for when to reroll vs. not? I’m a more casual player and don’t run the more difficult dungeons, but I still have oodles of the new tokens from the conversion. First chest I got I rerolled the full five times but actually ended up with what was probably the worst result in the end, simply because I found it hard to judge what was good vs. not, e.g. how much variance there is in AD payout, how much the different items are worth and so on.

  • November 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Great guide, thank you! A list of the range of chest rewards would be good. I have data on the old post-70 level up Rewards from before Mod 15. I have since been writing down the Rewards since mod 15, so after a month or two I can compare the amount of AD and RP we get now compared with then. It would be good to have data on the dungeon chests as well.

    I had a few slots free for when they finally release the Druid. So I rolled a new Tiefling CW and Dragonborn GF, hopefully using what I’ve learned over the years. I am hoping to get 2 BtA Runic bags by the end of the Incentive event. They cannot do these dungeons yet, just the leveling queues.

    Their mounts have as many Prosperity Insignia as possible to level quicker.
    At level 50, they can buy green gear from Seven Suns and slot rank 11 Azures for even more XP.
    At level 61 they have a combination of BtA Sharandar, Dread Ring and Well of Dragons leveling gear bought by other characters in the past (Iliyanbruen, Thayan and Eternal).
    2 Double XP Scrolls from the Jubilee Event.
    Thousands of Companion XP Tomes from post-70 level ups.
    And a full set of BtA Xvim gear from back in the day, which they share.

    So the CW gets to Sharandar and does Master of the Hunt 4 times with 18 Re-Roll Tokens. She uses the max each time and gets a Black Opal, then a hat then rubbish and finally that Master of the Hunt cloak with 20% XP and slots a rank 11 Azure. BtA on Pickup, BtC on Equip.


    So I need one for the GF. But as many Alts have about 2-3000 tokens since VIP started, I can spam MotH with any one character who does not have the Cloak.

    So far, the VIP Loot Re-Rolls have worked for me.

    BtA Gear FTW!

    But there is a new chest in MotH, which needs a new Bramble Key we can make with Crescents and Feywild Sparks (Key is BoP and seems to be one per day). Any idea what is in there?


  • November 16, 2018 at 6:50 am

    Better chanche for the cloack, so u should make few keys then

    • November 17, 2018 at 2:07 pm

      Probably because it’s included in the console lockbox? But yeah, this might not apply to PS4/Xbox when Mod 15 will hit live. We’ll make sure to point that out in the future.

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