Neverwinter Ravenloft QoL Roundup III: Bonus RP Event, Need/Greed System & More!


As part of our massive preview of Neverwinter’s upcoming module “Ravenloft”, I’d like to go through some more quality of life changes today. Our first roundup covered the Character Select Screen, Home Page Facelift, Item Levels, and Insignias, the second one Enchantment Visuals, Retraining Changes, New Scaling, and more! But that’s still not everything the new mod has to offer. So let’s conclude the quality of life changes with a third roundup!

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Illusionist’s Gambit +5 Gear

Many players will be pleased to hear that Illusionist’s Gambit +5 gear now finally has been updated to feature two off/def slots. It was one of the weirder design decisions by the devs to give these super-rare items an overload slot, and with that effectively make them worse than their +4 versions. Maybe there were great plans with overload enchantments or whatever, but apparently that never materialized and hence the change makes sense. We just hope that you haven’t discarded, salvaged or donated them to your guild coffer yet.

Relic Armor and Restoration items

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Another minor change is the one to Module 10 Relic Armor and Restoration items. With Ravenloft the game completely moves past Storm Kings Thunder with its gear progression and hence the gear is no longer available for dungeon seals. Instead you can buy everything for the SKT campaign currencies. I’ve attached pictures of the new stores below. Reagents like Lanolin are completely overpriced, but it’s not like you’re going to need them anyway. The most basic (and unbound) gear in Ravenloft features item level 490 already and with that even surpasses Vivified Relic Armor.

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Companion Upgrade Tokens

I assume players will be pleased to hear that Companion Upgrade Tokens can now be account shared using banks. Just like other currencies you can now freely move them between characters and no longer need to manage the tokens separately. Albeit a small change, it’s now that much more convenient to open companion packs and such as you no longer have to do this on a character that actually needs the tokens. This has been a request for a long time and it’s good to see that the devs will make it happen in Mod 14.

Need/Greed Rolling

Official Feedback Thread: Need/Greed Rolling

With Ravenloft the devs get rid of one of the major annoyances of the need/greed system. The looting mechanic was actually fine, but there are currently situations in which the screen can be swarmed by lots of loot roll windows. This is annoying and in crucial moments can even distract from gameplay. That’s why in Module 14 the game will auto-roll most need and greed, and players can set a personal threshold to completely opt out of certain rarities. That should prevent situations in which you have to deal with items that you don’t want as well as keeping your screen free of popups.

Bonus RP Event Changes

Official Feedback Thread: Bonus RP Event Changes

I think we can agree that the Bonus RP event that took the place of the Double RP event after the last big refining changes was pretty crappy. It simply didn’t hand out enough RP to make farming the event worthwile. This changes in Ravenloft as the devs have completely reworked the structure. Mobs now hand out more refining points and there are bonus rewards for reaching certain thresholds. Additionally players can buy boosts to earn the refining points faster. This is a clever way of using the event as minor AD sink, but depending on the AH market it might not be worth it. The amount of RP you’re able to get is still capped by the way (125k per character including all threshold bonuses), but the gain is finally noticeable. So players overall should definitely get more out of the event.

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What’s your take on the mentioned quality of life improvements? Do you like them or should the devs have spent their time differently? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    Am I seeing this right – the SKT vendor now seels old dod rings for only voninblood? So to get these salavageable rings, just run around getting voninblood only ? What’s the catch ?

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