How to Get the Uncensored DevTracker Feed into Your Discord

Our Uncensored DevTracker is a highly popular and useful tool (and quite frankly better than the official one). It automatically crawls the official Arcgames message board for developer comments, retweets them on our NWO_ArcTracker account, and saves them into a database. This means your current options of getting the latest dev posts are either monitoring the Twitter account or regularly checking the corresponding Toolbase page.

With the growing popularity of Discord we’d like to offer integration on that platform as well. We offer an API to retrieve the dev posts, but what Discord needs is a webhook functionality that might take a while to implement. In the meantime though, you can still get the DevTracker feed into your channels by using a How-To guide Ezio of the PC guild Dailies & Dungeons pointed us to. Since we do not support webhooks directly, you need to get a little creative with a Twitter App and third-party service, but it works just fine.

Here’s the step-by-step process that was pulled from this original source. Have fun getting the DevTracker feed into your channels!

There isn’t a bot, to my knowledge, that will integrate with Twitter. However if you are adamant about integrating in a twitter feed, or multiple feeds into you discord server it is viable and free via webhooks.

  1. Get a discord webhook URL
    1. Permission to create a webhook on a discord server.
  2. Create a account
    1. Fork a project from one of the two listed sources:
        1. This is the original source code repo
        1. This is my repo where I’ve hard-coded the bot to only report on original posts.
    2. Figure out what works for you and your server and then clone or fork the repo into your own repo
  3. Twitter keys:
    1. A account – it’s free
    2. Developer access
      1. There is a small form to fill out about why you want a twitter developer account. 5-10 mins to complete.
      2. The request has to be review, but it’s automated, so you should hear back very quickly
    3. After you have dev access, create a twitter app –
      1. Again, a small form, but doesn’t take long to fill out and submit.
    4. Go to Keys and tokens and generate the Consumer API keys and the Access keys. You’ll need these for values for the app to work.
  4. A account – it’s free
    1. Create a new app
    2. Connect your app to your github account that has the source code you’ve forked.
    3. After it’s connected, at the bottom of page you should be able to manually deploy current branch to app…do it.
    4. After it’s been pushed, go to top and page and go to settings > Show Config Vars
    5. Add the following key-value pairs in:
      1. ACCESS_TOKEN : <Pull from step 3.d>
      2. ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET : <Pull from step 3.d>
      3. CONSUMER_KEY : <Pull from step 3.d>
      4. CONSUMER_SECRET : <Pull from step 3.d>
      5. INCLUDE_REPLY_TO_USER : <True or False>
      6. INCLUDE_RETWEET : <True or False>
      7. INCLUDE_USER_REPLY : <True or False>
      8. TWITTER_ID : – the user you want to pull
      9. WEBHOOK_URL : The webhook URL from step 1
    6. Go to overview page and click configure dynos
    7. Drag slider to right to activate the bot

And that’s it! The next time the user posts it will be pushed to the discord channel the webhook is linked too.

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