Celebration of Lliira Event Guide

The Celebration of Lliira is a reoccurring event in Neverwinter that usually runs for five days over the weekend. It features some unique rewards and literally comes with a bang as players are tasked to light up the night with fireworks! In this guide we quickly go over all rewards and how players are able to get them!

One Currency, One Task

The event setup is fairly basic as you can only earn one event currency with which you buy the rewards in the corresponding event store. The only way to get the so-called Lliira’s Favors is to participate in the “Light up the Night” contest that starts at the top and bottom of the hour in Protector’s Enclave. In the contest players need to place “Professional Fireworks” in a mortar and get points for it. You can either farm the fireworks from crates that you can find all around the Enclave, or by slaying regular mobs that drop them as additional loot during the event days. It’s an auto-pickup so make sure to check your inventory.

Rewards Are Based on Total Fireworks Donated

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And well, that’s really about it! The process of getting fireworks and donating them during the contest to get Favors is pretty simple. Players however do have trouble understanding the reward tiers. Since there’s a leaderboard of fireworks donated, many operate under the assumption that their ranking determines the rewards. But the Favors are instead based on the total amount of fireworks donated. This functionality is explained at the “Disciple of Lliira” event vendor, but it could and should be more prominently featured in the “Light up the Night” contest description as well. Pretty much every time people get confused and complain about “placing first, but getting nothing”. This is probably because they didn’t hit the first major threshold, which is 200 fireworks:

There also seems to be a bug where exactly one donated fireworks always grants a Lliira’s Favor. The picture on the left shows that I placed in Bronze although I didn’t donate five fireworks. So unless you can donate 200 and get to the silver reward tier, it’s probably best to just load one firework into the mortar. The functionality of the thresholds makes the whole contest a bit confusing. I think it’s an unique approach, but the game should communicate it more properly.

Farming for Favors

The best way to farm for Favors and Professional Fireworks is by slaying mobs with certain event buffs. Standing near the fireworks display at the end of the “Light up the Night” contest adds a buff that drops additional fireworks from mobs. Players can do the same by launching “Lliira’s Fireworks” items that the contest and event store hands out. You can only buff other players that stand nearby, not yourself. So you have to find at least one partner to do an exchange. Usually however players just launch the buffs at the mortar after the “Light up the Night” ended.


Although all buffs can add up to eight fireworks per drop, I don’t think it’s worth it. The most efficient way is just completing the daily you get at the Disciple in the Enclave for two Favors, and then grab additional ones from donating exactly one firework in the “Night up the Light” contest. Depending on what and how many rewards you’re aiming for, this makes grinding the event quite inconvenient. You have to show up show up in the Enclave every 30 minutes, throw one firework in the mortar, and repeat. Of course there’s a [sc name=”zenicon”] purchase to buy the Favors directly, but I can’t recommend that. It’s too expensive and if you really want to buy yourself into the event, it’s cheaper just grabbing Professional Fireworks from the Auction House.

Rewards Are Not Worth It

I would however challenge that farming the event is worth it at all. The rewards are unbound and since the event is around for years, the items can be grabbed for pennies on the Auction House. Before you go through the Favor grind (or buy them), definitely check the current prices. You might be able to get what you need for just a handful of ADs. Unfortunately this makes Celebration of Lliira one of those events that’s heavily outdated and a complete waste of time at this point. That being said though, the Starry Panther looks nice and the event is a great reminder to get one of those. I personally also like the Lliira’s Night Dye Pack.

The current recommendation is to stay away from the event and invest your time elsewhere. You can go launch some fireworks for fun (watch out for flying dragons!), but other than that the Celebration of Lliira unfortunately doesn’t offer much incentives to participate.

What’s your take on the Celebration of Lliira? Are you staying away as well or do you still find some value in the rewards? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

One thought on “Celebration of Lliira Event Guide

  • July 5, 2018 at 9:19 am

    Cheers, j0Shi. That answers all my questions on this event. Avoid!

    And, really? 500 fireworks for 2 or 3 favours, but ONE for one?

    The only things worth having are Starry Panther, Lliira’s Bells for raising Companions and I used to really like collecting various dye packs and testing them on Preview before using.

    But one character (TR) rides the Starry skin, and I prefer it without the stars. I sold many from Winter Festival etc and have a few in the bank;

    I have 8 Lliira’s Bells from Winter Festival etc, but as I’ve used Ioun Stones up to now, my Companions never die anyway;

    I have a bunch of the dyes in the bank from previous years, and they don’t really do what I want with the fashion I want (primary, secondary and tertiary in dye packs differs on different fashion sets).

    EG, the Cleric dye packs from Alchemy look completely different on Dragonborn Leather fashion to Knight of the Feywild Fashion. I wanted my GWF’s DB Leather fashion to look like silvery scale mail, and Cleric Dye was the closest I could get, generally grey-ish silver with some blue-ish on the chest. On the Feywild, it is much more white and orangey-gold with a tiny bit of blue. Greywolf and various others that claim to be silvery and grey just don’t look right at all. Far too colourful.

    And TRs I prefer being in jet black etc.

    Thanks for this write up!


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