Best Control Wizard Builds and Resources For Mod 13

Neverwinter Unblogged’s class hubs are your number one destination for all relevant builds and resources! We constantly maintain this page to make sure all links are updated and contain valid info. We hope this collection of links, spreadsheets and builds will help new players starting the class as well as add valuable hints to the endgame community. If you feel anything is missing or outdated, make sure to contact us! You can also submit you own builds and whatnot, but please provide detailed and well-reasoned info why you think you should be listed here.


First of all, please note that all links and resources here are class specific and might require common knowledge of the game. If you’re brand-new, you definitely want to check the “Guides -> New Players” section in the main menu first. Also, general resources and theorycrafting useful for most classes can be found under “Tools & Resources” and are normally not re-listed here.

Resource List

So you probably came here because you want to play a CW, eh? Well that’s great, because no matter whether you want to just copy a build or seek more information than the casual crowd, the links below are a great way to start!

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This is a compilation of links and resources that help in very basic areas of class and character management.

  • The official Neverwinter Wiki has all the basic information of what classes and races are available in Neverwinter.
  • When adding a new character in the game, Neverwinter unfortunately does a bad job educating players what bonuses ability scores come with and what distributions are possible. The wiki has all the relevant info here as well.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Builds” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

For those that just want a viable build, here you go. Just do what those guys did and you should be fine.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Character Tools” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Multiple sites offer great tools to help building your character.

  • A gear ratings simulator is hosted by Neverwinter Uncensored and is updated for Module 13. Please note that you can only save characters if you’re logged in on our message board.
  • [Outdated – June 2016] For Feats and Powers, the current way to go is It’s still accurate for the current version of the game. The only way it’s labeled as outdated is because tooltips might not represent the current state of the game.
  • For other tools, look up the “tools” tab in the blog’s main menu.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Resources” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

Theorycrafting and resources for dedicated players that do want to know why they are spamming certain buttons. If you haven’t played the class for a while, you probably won’t understand most of the following topics.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Communities” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

As always communities form around certain classes in MMOs. Neverwinter is no different and here are some places to talk.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”PVP” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

  • This tab was meant to list stuff relevant for PVP, but despite asking around we weren’t able to dig something up. If you can help out, let us know!
  • [Outdated] One public resource is Gankdalf’s Icehole build, which unfortunately is no longer viable.
  • [Outdated] The PVP Control Wizard (Mod 11.5)
  • There’s also this video which seems to show off a PVP build. But without commentary it’s not super helpful.

[/su_tab][su_tab title=”Gameplay & Fun” disabled=”no” anchor=”” url=”” target=”blank” class=””]

This tab contains gameplay videos, solo runs and fun stuff from the CW community. Some of it shows current gameplay, other stuff is historic and listed here to acknowledge the achievements.


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