New Tool Available: The Currency Converter

Today we’d like to preview a new toy in the Toolbase that went live with our Module 13 update! The currency converter is your friend if you’re searching for the best way to turn one currency into another. It can help you with questions like:

  • Can I turn Trade Bars into Guild Marks?
  • What’s the best item to buy for Astral Diamonds if I want to max Guild Mark gain?
  • How much Gold should I get for a Superior Mark of Potency in the trade channel?

It’s pretty easy to use. You just pick the currency you’d like to receive and the one you’d like to spend and let the tool handle the rest. Unregistered users won’t be able to pick Astral Diamonds by the way. That option needs data from our Auction House tracker that can only be unlocked as participant of our so-called gold program. It’s a crowd-source model for the PC version of the game in which you have to supply a little bit of the data yourself. Other than that, the tool is fully functional even for unregistered users.

Can I Turn Trade Bars into Guild Marks?

The currency converter let’s you explore most ways of obtaining a certain currency on the market. Let’s take Guild Marks for example. It’s pretty obvious that you can buy all sorts of items on the Auction House that you can donate to the Stronghold Coffers, but did you know that you can use Trade Bars as well? The Trade Bar store offers Rank 7 Enchantments that can be donated. This might not be news to some, but browsing through the currencies that the converter offers, you might find unexpected combinations.

What’s the Best Item to Buy for Astral Diamonds If I Want to Max Guild Mark Gain?

The tool sorts all available items that can be used to turn one currency into another by their exchange rate. That way you always know what item you need to buy or acquire to max the desired currency. Guild Marks are a classic example where the number of options and vastly different donation values make it virtually impossible to just go with your gut. By picking Guild Marks / Astral Diamonds, the converter hands out the items that net the most Guild Marks based on their value. The list of items makes it easy to go for the best possible item based on the coffer capacities in your guild.

How Much Gold Should I Get for a Superior Mark of Potency in the Trade Channel?

Another feature of the tool is lending you guys a hand in the trade channel. Although Gold is not as important as in other games, it’s still used to buy and sell goods sometimes. Now what if somebody wants to buy a Superior Mark of Potency (SMoP) for 500 Gold? Whether that’s a good or a bad trade can be checked in the converter.

It’s not different from spending Astral Diamonds (100,000 for the SMoP) and receiving Gold in return (in the trade). By choosing the two currencies in the tool, you can simply calculate the worth of the SMoP in Gold by multiplying the exchange rate with 100,000 AD. Please note that you also have to divide the result by 10,000 to convert Copper into Gold.

We certainly hope the new currency converter will serve you well! In case you have any questions or remarks, post them on our social channels, on the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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6 thoughts on “New Tool Available: The Currency Converter

  • March 9, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Excellent tool!

    As a companion article, do you have one on the gear that’s worth buying with your Guild Marks, the Guild hall Rank needed and how that compares with gear from FBI, ToNG, IG etc?

    EG, for those who forego an Artifact set bonus, some HRs go for the 18+2 roll for DEX and use a Belt of DEX +4 and the Company Duelist Cloak with +2 DEX & WIS, so they can have DEX 35 for +25% dps and +12.5% Deflection, including campfire +1 and Elixir of Fate +1. These cloaks are available at Stronghold Guild Rank 4, IIRC. But is there better gear than that that does not require Masterwork Crafting?

    TRs and GFs can use the 16, 16, 12 roll to maximise STR and use the Belt of STR +4 and Company Raider Cloak for +2 STR & INT and get STR 31 for max bonus damage and Stamina Regen.



  • March 9, 2018 at 9:56 am

    You might want to add this to the Tools & Resources tab on the toolbar (if you weren’t already planning on it). Nice work and thanks!

  • March 9, 2018 at 12:31 pm

    This is cool, I don’t have Gold whatever that is the link to Gold didn’t take me to an obvious place, but cool tool either way.

  • March 9, 2018 at 12:35 pm

    The link will give an error if you aren’t logged in to the NWO site.

    The link is to earning “Gold” on the site. You basically manually enter data from the auction house and then use the “Gold” you earn to gain access to the database. So, contribute some data and get access to the shared data about the state of the Auction House.

  • March 11, 2018 at 3:51 am

    Thanks, I’ll look at that Rating Simulator.

    I have seen players using Company necks with the +4 belts and I’m trying it on some old Alts for TR and HR. Quite a few CWs use INT +4 as well. They are certainly cheaper and easier to get.

    I’m just not sure how well they would do compared with Demon Lord’s set or something else, although players using SH necks tend to use Wheel of the Elements or Soul Sight artifact to buff their damage burst. I’ll have to check out what sort of SH gear is available higher up the Guild ranks.


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