Neverwinter Preview: Heart of Fire Achievements

In our ongoing series of previewing Neverwinter’s latest module “Heart of Fire”, we look at new achievements in this piece. Don’t expect too much explanation, but I’ll add context and information where it makes sense. Otherwise this is just meant to list the stuff that gets added in Module 15.

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K-Team Challenge

The first set of achievements is tied to the new K-Team Challenge from the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign. There are different sets of group content that you need to complete in hardcore mode to get the achievements. Also as always the new armor set comes with one. Not sure why that’s labeled “N-Team” by the way. Not sure how you’re supposed to beat Castle Ravenloft in hardcore mode as well. That’s going to become a major achievement for the endgame population and you almost certainly won’t be able to do this in a pug. Unless you read our guide of course.

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Most of the other new achievements come from the campaign. I’m fairly certain I’ve missed a few here (or added old ones that I haven’t heard of before). So please leave a comment below and point out mistakes! It seems that the Acquisitions Incorporated campaign has at least one achievement per progression quest and since those turn into weeklies after the initial completion, you can get them at any time if you like.

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There are also a bunch of new achievements with the new Workshop system. But most of them will get completed automatically when players roll into the new mod with their level 25 professions. Those will instantly turn into level 70 in the new system, so endgame players probably don’t need to hunt a lot of the new achievements. There are four per professions for getting them to level 20, 40, 60, and 70.

Are you an achievement hunter? Will you go after the new one on the “Heart of Fire”? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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