Honoring the Heart of Fire Feedback Thread Contributors

Giving feedback during the preview phase of a module is invaluable. Usually the community not only tests the new content and hands out suggestions, but also discovers a variety of bugs. Not everything that’s discovered on the preview server can be fixed until launch, but at least the most glaring issues can normally be tackled thanks to the work of volunteer players. That’s why we at Uncensored feel it’s only appropriate to say thanks to those that participated in the preview threads and helped test the module. That’s especially true since this time around the devs themselves weren’t able to interact with the community as much as they liked to due to their own workload.

While going through the feedback threads (and yes, I have indeed read everything to prepare for the mod’s preview articles), one thing stood out. The users that test and comment are long-time players that joined the game at least three years ago. It might be obvious that veterans are more active and better able to dish out advise and put changes into context, but I feel it’s important to point out what part of the community is helping out the most.

Here’s a quick toplist of those that contributed the most in the official feedback threads:


User # Posts
schietindebux (joined Nov 2014)

Contributed in several class feedback topics, but first and foremost in the one for Scourge Warlocks. It’s telling that the top poster deleted the bulk of his posts to protest the lack of feedback from the devs.

theycallmetomu (joined Jun 2015)

Another user that apparently lost hope in the process. Provided tons of suggestions early on, but pretty much stopped posting since October. Still #2 on the list!

thefiresidecat (joined Aug 2015)

Mostly participated in Hunter Ranger feedback and also kept the discussion alive in the class forum after the launch.

gromovnipljesak#8234 (joined Aug 2017)

Active in multiple class feedback threads exchanging thoughts about balance and the purpose of classes with other users.

manjusriyamantak (joined Nov 2014)

Top contributor in the Professions Feedback Thread. Also continues to post tons of issues in the Launch Week Issues thread.

vorphied (joined May 2013)

Veteran and endgame player sharing knowledge on Devoted Clerics, Scourge Warlock, and Control Wizards. Made plenty good suggestions how to improve and further balance the classes.

onodrain (joined May 2014)

Provided quality feedback in the Salvage and Profession Feedback Threads. Also helped others understanding the changes by putting them into context.

nunya#5309 (joined Dec 2017)

Nunya is the “baby” on this list, heaving joined the forums in December 2017. Therefore their contributions were mostly questions about the new system. With that however, they kept the discussion alive and probably also helped clarify a lot of things for others.

strathkin (joined May 2015)

Strathskin pointed out many issues with the new Workshop system, especially early on. Then they unfortunately got into many arguments with other players. But hey, we’re all passionate.

adinosii (joined May 2013)

Generally one of the more active users on the forums, adinosii mostly contributed in the Profession and Devoted Cleric Feedback Threads.



That’s of course by far not all users that provided quality feedback on the forums, but I had to make the cut somewhere. Also quantity doesn’t always mean quality and there are tons of individual posts that should have received an extra mention. That’s why I’d like to attach the full list of everyone who at least posted five times in the feedback threads. Thanks to all of you for trying to improve the game!


User # Posts
patcherrkm 5
pakas#8388 5
sundance777 5
daaaqe#8284 5
darlo4ragnar 5
aimsies 5
rangerlenier 5
jayjay#5355 5
rustyroo13#1749 5
zimxero#8085 5
doublerainbow#8002 5
kreatyve 5
soythesauce#5192 5
lldt 5
waldenmist 5
vjarl 5
heavensake#5599 5
bojsha 5
chemjeff 5
sundancewanderingwolf 5
patrucius 5
ruslan1404#8974 5
mynaam 5
cheesey#4444 5
midental#5256 5
nooneatza 6
gendoikari2001#3561 6
evilvenom316 6
sandfox#5862 6
romromero 6
isurk#9289 6
brewald 6
kythelion#3210 6
minotaur2857 6
morgulknife 6
hypervoreian 6
wisper2048 6
dairyzeus 6
rodosto 6
araneax 6
namelesshero347 6
thatsmeaswell 6
krondhor 6
kierna1917 6
silvergryph 6
ornald 6
mazeppa79#6238 6
jganth 6
chestercatrat#6924 6
avenfell 6
tom#6998 6
ladypeanut66 6
auron#6793 6
lunartic666 6
feanor#5283 6
quantumff 6
gildriador 7
eeng1 7
sociald#9983 7
zerappus 7
fyrstigor 7
grogthemagnif 7
oldschooldndplyr 7
skatopsixos7 7
kvet 7
smulch 7
sjza80 7
espasbadfist 7
ominous 7
sandukutupu 7
raisinghelll 7
marc#8428 8
hawkeyel 8
tchefi#6735 8
artifleur 8
wlinaz 8
itbls 8
veywiil#8685 8
jazzfong 8
dillygirl 8
c1k4ml3kc3 8
ironcuttingsword#1719 8
rafaelda 8
bronto111 8
froger#9967 8
caldochaud#4880 9
wintermurloc 9
r000kie 9
bluebubbl3s 9
forcemajeure 9
jonkoca 9
hercules125 9
cdnbison 9
slysnow#2290 9
kalina311 9
meirami 9
free2pay 10
isssssho 10
tremeliques#2035 10
darkzod#9528 10
dominious12 10
theraxin#5169 10
intelll#2049 10
jaime4312#3760 10
sgtpostal#4408 10
promytheas 10
mordekai#1901 10
dupeks 10
heraldfayez#8520 10
nisckis 10
pterias 10
tgwolf 11
tenetomb 11
mafiadelperro#8853 11
c3rb3r3 11
ibz4ez#9773 11
kiraskytower 11
eclipseblood#1326 11
cambo1682 12
mrvincent1959 12
obsidiancran3 12
ragequittingdc#8599 12
checkmatein3 13
blackstar#3253 13
tanais58crane 13
zeatrex 13
greywynd 13
gohaken#5114 14
rickcase276 14
alphastream 14
feanor70118 14
theothergaliusz#7671 15
scottyfnc#2957 15
sirjimbofrancis 15
muminekm#3459 15
gripnir78 15
etelgrin 16
pitshade 16
cilginordek 16
agilesto 16
ltsmithneko 16
mikal#9243 16
mirlegris 16
ghoulz66 16
rjc9000 16
anoreksja 17
putzboy78 17
wylonus 17
ilithyn 17
fns2005 17
valwryn 17
blur#5900 17
wizardlvl80#5963 17
gatorusmc 17
aerhythia#3255 18
trgluestickz 18
mamalion1234 18
rafamarques#5700 18
giz#2086 18
demonmonger 19
flippy#8481 21
wdj40 21
hannibalsmith#0854 21
krailov 22
micky1p00 22
divectore 23
hustin1 24
lordtweety#3604 24
onlymat 24
mithrosnomore 25
frozenfirevr 26
leonidrex 28
draconislupus 28
seveninchblade 29
zephyriah 29
someonedies 30
mushellka 32
mebengalsfan#9264 34
mongoosemobster 34
mechjockey 35
kangkeok 38
vordayn 38
arcanjo86 39
thefabricant 39
pitmonster#5684 41
lowjohn 42
majorcharvenak 43
mdarkangel#4696 43
empalas 47


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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter, he has built up ALTs of all classes and plays on BIS/near-BIS level.

3 thoughts on “Honoring the Heart of Fire Feedback Thread Contributors

  • November 18, 2018 at 11:09 am

    Well said, j0Shi!

    Personally, I DESPERATELY need a good Guide/Tutorial on the new professions system and what to do with my hundreds of old Purple crap. No MASTERWORK for me.

    I started it with a new toon and also an Alt that has rank 70 in everything except Armoursmith, Tailoring and another – I forget.

    But I have NO CLUE what I am doing. I thought I’d cock it up on Alts before risking it on my Main. I don’t want to trade everything for 10 million credits and then find I do not need 1/10 of that, EG if I cannot trade for new epic tools or upgrade Artisans or the workshop with them.



  • November 18, 2018 at 1:28 pm

    sell sell sell 🙂

    I was 43rd in number of posts, ranked 0 in quality of posts. Look out world, putz is on the rise

    Seriously though, had very little time to test and to be honest there wasn’t much to test on the DC front. They nuked TI, promised to fix it (which would have allowed for testing) and then didn’t get around to it until after launch. So although you could regression test the remaining powers, you’d need to retest them after the TI fix in order to ensure they didn’t break something else.

  • November 19, 2018 at 6:41 am

    Hmm interesting that my tag is not in here. I’m sure I posted some feedback on the forums, but most of my feedback ultimately was directly to the devs on discord. Seems to work better that way.

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