Undying Lockbox RNG Test and Review


Another update means another lockbox, and in the case of “Ravenloft” it’s the Undying Lockbox. After previewing it, the first major RNG test courtesy of Rainer is now in and I have incorporated the results into our RNG toolbox. “RNG test” means he has opened a substantial amount of lockboxes on the preview server to get an idea about drop rates. Rainer and myself have performed similar tests for the Soulmonger’s Lockbox, Lockbox of the LostMerchant Prince LockboxLockbox of the Nine and the Many-Starred Lockbox. Just click through in case you’re interested.

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The Results


Item Amount %
 1x Full Moon Enchantment Pack 2,478 24.78
 1x Bloodied Companion Equipment Pack 2,467 24.67
 1x Cursed Artifact Equipment Pack 2,252 22.52
 1x Darkened Night Stronghold Pack 1,242 12.42
 1x Howling Adventure Pack 1,199 11.99
 1x Variety Fashion Pack 186 1.86
 1x Tarmalune Trade Bar Jackpot 67 0.67
 1x Razorwood 49 0.49
 1x Mist Form 46 0.46
 1x Swarm 14 0.14



As usual you’ll roughly have a 1% chance at one of the major prices, with the legendary one coming in at 0.14%. This largely matches the chances of previous lockboxes, indicating that no major changes were made.

Blue drops

The most interesting packs of the lockbox in the “blue” reward tier probably are the Enchantment and Companion Pack. The devs did change the latter to a Companion Equipment Pack that no longer contains pets, but rather Adorable and Illusionist’s Gambit gear pieces. It’s a tweak that makes sense, given that the included pets in these packs usually were of little worth to the endgame player. The really good stuff (+4/+5 pieces) however has only a small chance to drop (~5%). I still like the Companion Equipment Pack as it should offer more value than its predecessors.

The Enchantment Pack of course contains a brand-new armor enchantment in the Moderate Eclipse Enchantment. It’s a serviceable one for defensive minded toons and cheaply available on the Auction House. The same can be said about the Moderate Dread Enchantment, although most players seem to prefer Moderate Feytouched Enchantment nowadays. It’s still one of the rare occurrences where both the armor and the weapon enchantment are actually useful.

The rest of the pack is pretty standard, and not too compelling unfortunately. Not sure why we needed yet another Adventure Pack after the last one was so “popular”. Fashion Packs in lockboxes also seems to be a concept that’s bound to fail. The Ascendant Fashion Pack already flopped and the Variety Fashion Pack seems to face the same fate. It doesn’t help that the pack drops a random set out of 19 (!). Why you can’t let players choose their favorite is beyond me. Enough with that RNG craziness please! The only good news here is that the drop rates of these undesirable packs have been reduced significantly in comparison to earlier lockboxes.

Last but not least, the Cursed Artifact Equipment Pack should come with item level 500 gear. A premium lockbox not containing gear from the latest tier is kind of dumb. If the devs don’t want to include it yet, then just scratch the Artifact Equipment Pack for now.

Epic and Legendary Drops

The epic and legendary drops have potential. The Swarm is great if not “bis” because of it’s Combat Power, even though the devs already tuned it down on preview. The Mist Form doesn’t come with equally great gameplay advantages, but looks great as well and certainly fits the popular Ravenloft theme. If you’re interested in the looks by the way go check out our preview article. Both mounts are hard to screenshot so you want to look up the videos we’ve included there.

The Razorwood in the meantime is an interesting pet for DPS characters. It doesn’t have a debuffing power, but in some situations and for some builds the Razorwood’s +25% Combat Advantage Damage does make more sense than other stuff. Some even consider it a “must have”. The market definitely agrees as this sells for way more than your usual epic lockbox companion. And since it comes with the same slots as the Chultan Tiger, it’s easy to switch.


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The Undying Lockbox has some distinct pros and cons. The mounts and the companion are great, and the Enchantment and Companion Pack useful. Unfortunately the other half of the lockbox can be safely classified as junk or close to, making investing Enchanted Keys a nice 50-50 gamble. Because of this I also have my doubts that Undying will be able to generate more value than the currently top-ranked Merchant Prince Lockbox or Firemane Lockbox long-term. Much depends on how fierce the market for the “bis” legendary and epic items is going to become. This also means: If you like the Swarm or Razorwood, go buy them now. As soon as the next lockbox will get introduced (and given that not a better item will become available), the prices will explode.

I hope you liked our data and short review of the Undying Lockbox! In case you have any comments or questions, post them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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5 thoughts on “Undying Lockbox RNG Test and Review

  • July 16, 2018 at 9:30 am

    In-game, the Legendary Swarm on the AH had 3200 Life Steal Severity, which I thought was odd.

    Then I realised was in the Summer Festival, so my level was adjusted to 60. I went to PE and it was 4000 again!



  • July 17, 2018 at 3:58 am

    One more thing worth noting is that the drop rate on the adventurer pack and even more so the fashion pack has been reduced significantly compared to the previous lockboxes (where adv packs/fashion packs were 20%+). That does help, you get much less of them, but both packs still seem to be very cheap.

  • July 17, 2018 at 5:02 am

    But the drop rate of the Adventurer Pack should be zero. It’s utterly worthless. I read that it was 25%.

    So what has the drop rate dropped to? 20% you say?

    Still fucking bullshit. No keys shall I buy while that utter, utter Scamshyte remains in the game.


    • July 17, 2018 at 6:56 am

      It’s in the article :-p

      Adventurer Pack ~12% (was ~21%)
      Fashion pack ~2% (was ~4%)

      Yes, still too much for high end players, but better than what it was before.
      Also the Adventurer Pack has been improved slightly.. with now companion upgrade tokens/cubes of augmentation in it. Something that would spice this pack up without deviating too much from the goal, would e.g. be adding the ensorcelled weapons to the pack.

      • July 17, 2018 at 7:05 am

        LOL! I missed the entire table! DUH!

        So has the Legendary chance also improved?


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