Challenge of the Gods Event Guide

Challenge of the Gods is one of Neverwinter’s minor drop events that rewards additional loot while killing mobs that are within seven levels of your character. Other than the Gift of Tymora or Coins of Waukeen however, the event boxes do not drop from critters directly. Instead the gods of the Forgotten Realms challenge adventurers to complete a variety if tasks. If players successfully complete their challenge, they’ll receive a Gift of the Gods.


Challenge of SivanusThe challenges drop randomly for killing mobs in any content. The term challenge completely overstates what players have to do though. A complete list can be found on the Arcgames event announcement news. It’s mostly trivial stuff that includes killing mobs in some shape or form. That being said, the contents of the Gift of the Gods aren’t stellar either. So it’s actually fitting that you don’t have to do too much to receive the reward.

The event features a unique Celestial Mantle as well as dyes, the rest is underwhelming. The Vault of Piety is long outdated so the additional Ardent Coin from the Invocation Gift isn’t much of an incentive. And Divine Injury Kits are only useful for those that do not have a VIP subscription.

Blessed Gift of the Gods

Once per day players are able to get a Blessed Gift of the Gods with much better rewards. In Protector’s Enclave you can pick up a daily that requires you to complete five challenges for the Blessed Gift. It features account bound loot and while most of the companions and gear aren’t too great, you have a shot at some nice artifacts including the Forgehammer of Gond.

Who Should Farm?

Challenge of the Gods isn’t an event you can farm. The uncapped normal Gifts lack rewards unless you specifically want the transmute or dyes. Additionally there isn’t really much incentive to bring in too many farm alts for the account bound rewards from the Blessed Gifts. It can’t hurt however to grab it on as many main characters as possible for a chance at something nice. If you’re doing dailies anyway, there’s not much to lose. The Vicious Enchantment also features a nice stat combo in offensive slots (Power and Armor Penetration) for some PVP builds.

To me, 100 ZEN for the Blessed Gift on the ZEN market is close to a scam. But it’s your money, do whatever you want.

What Challenges to Take?

Not all challenges are equally easy to complete. Or let’s say some are just more annoying than others. I would definitely stay away from Corellon and Kelemvor as getting under 50% health is pretty hard for any toon nowadays. Chauntea is probably also rough unless you know where to quickly find skill nodes and Selûne (complete a HE) shouldn’t be accepted outside the Stronghold map or the River District.

If a challenge drops, you don’t need to pick them up and accept them. You can continue to farm until you find one you like. Only one deity’s challenge can be accepted at a time though. Once picked up you either have to complete it or manually drop it from the quest journal to be able to get a fresh one from mobs.

Where to Farm?

Like most drop events, the best way to farm is in maps where you can kill a lot of mobs relatively easy. Remember that the level difference of seven is calculated off your scaled level. So zones like the Drowned Shore work for level 70s although some mobs are level 61 and 62. But since you’re scaled down yourself, the actual difference is within the required seven levels.

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I personally would recommend the Stronghold map. It makes the Selûne challenge easy to complete and adds another quick one of Amaunator (donate to coffer). It’s rich on mobs and running Influence there might be on your task list anyway. You should be able to complete the five challenges for the Blessed Gift while doing your daily HEs. Toons that are not in a guild could try the leveling dungeons as well. It’s probably hard to get five challenges in one run though. But at least you’ll make some ADs in the process. Other than that, I’d just go with normal adventuring areas, preferably Elemental Evil for 70s due to the scaling.

That’s our guide for the Challenge of the Gods event! I certainly hope the deities will indeed bless you with one of the better rewards you can get. What’s your take on the event? Do you like it or is it not worth your time? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    For Oghma, the Daily doesn’t actually have to finish going off, just start casting. So if you have a daily with a long cast time and can interrupt (with a dodge, roll, etc.) then you can get all 3 very quickly.

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